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Last week, Donald had almost the whole week off from work thanks to a couple day offs, and the public holiday. It basically meant for the first time in the longest while, Ollie had Daddy overload and Mummy had loads of time off.

Prior to that, Donald had also been clearing some leave by taking a day off once a week, spending more time with Ollie apart from the weekends. It helped a lot, giving Ollie the opportunity to go for more bike rides, play time at water parks, going to places like the zoo and aquarium and more interactive playtime at home too. There was definitely a lot more bonding between father & son.

It was really endearing to watch the both of them, at play and at sleep. Ollie would now request for “daddy sit the toys”, to “daddy sit here”, to “daddy help Ollie fix the tracks”. He would wake up in the morning and recount what daddy had done with him the day before. It was great to hear how big a part daddy is playing in Ollie’s life.

Donald is also part disciplinarian and has been a little more stern with Ollie. Ollie would now stand near the shoe rack and go “daddy say don’t touch” when previously he would have just grabbed a random pair of shoes and slip into them. “Daddy angry. Daddy scold”. But there isn’t an ounce of fear when he says it. It is more of a statement, a matter of fact.

Watching them play/fool around is hilarious, throw in some shrieking and laughter. The home is filled with the kind of sounds I wanted it filled with. My home. *beams* I can’t imagine life without what I have now.

Just this morning, I woke up to Ollie using his fist to nudge my face to wake me up, saying “mummy wake up!”. Once he saw I was awake, he would lie back down on my pillow and we would grin/smile at each other. He would then hold my arm and come in for a snuggle and a backrub before fully waking up. And then the chatterbox would start, telling me what he did the day before, what was happening outside the window, how he was feeling (cold/hot). I love & live for these moments. Moments that Ollie and I share that no one else might understand.

I hope these moments last forever, cos the memories will.

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