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mooncake date night

mooncake date night

it had been a while since Donald and I took some time to have a chat with no interruptions (i.e., no computer, phone..etc) Ahem..though he was surreptitiously looking at his shares *roll eyes*.

the last time we tried to share a cup of tea and some mooncakes was when we were at MBS for our second staycation with the kids. It didn’t work out too well cos we had to eat in the dark and talk softly with both the kids sleeping. Kua kua. This time round, I reckon it was a lot better. Hey, at least I was enjoying my new blend of tea. Mmmm. So calming and relaxed, I think I might go sleep after this. Haha.

A couple of nights ago, I was watching some of Jay Chou’s older MTV *aiieeeee, fangirl scream*, and one of the MTVs brought back some of those feelings that I went through when Donald and I were dating. Haha. You know, those heart racing moments, hand holding moments. Aww. These feelings have long gone, not because we are bored with each other, but because we are at a phase of our lives where..we are secure with each other. The love for each other has surpassed that of what we had when we were dating. The uncertainty of how long we would last, where we would end up, has now led to where we would be going in the next phase of our lives as husband and wife.

Not to say that feelings between us have absolutely fizzled out. We still go on dates when we can (usually when Ollie is off with his grandparents). We’d go for a coffee or some dessert, or like tonight, just even a cup of tea and some mooncakes. Dating can still be simple but with still with some first date emotions still involved. You know..hold hands lah, well, basically that only cos we still have to lug a baby along. Kua kua.

oh my goodness, I just realised that we’ve been together for 9 years! 9 years is a loong time to me. I couldn’t even hold a relationship for 9 weeks prior to Donald. *roll eyes* Eh, I was young and free-spirited hor. But yeah, now that I put it in is a long time, and now we’ve got 2 kids too. Gosh. Who would have thought I’d get this far? Haha.

Oh wells, definitely looking forward to more of these tea sessions. We’ve got A LOT of tea in the pantry and we need to get down to drinking some every day!

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