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okay, we went to the videographer’s place, not knowing what to expect. Like we had a concept, an idea of what we wanted. But not in videography speak. haha.

we were blown away basically, by how things have changed, and how much there is out there in terms of wedding videography. even we are inspired. I think there were two mental jaw drops when we saw videos. The first thing we said when we stepped out of the videographer’s house was, wow. did you see that video!? and we couldn’t wait to go home and see more. haha.

and now, i want MORE. hahah. I want so much more out of a video. I watched a video last night (not done by the videographer/ video editor, but a sample of what there is out there), and I was so touched. It was so honest, and sincere.

and I want that.

can I? =P

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