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This week, I’m participating in a Proposal Blog Train where a group of mummy & daddy bloggers will be writing about how they got proposed to, or how they proposed to their spouses.

Soooo today is my turn. Haha. Yesterday, Ashlyn posted about hers, so go read about it too!

The Chill Mom

Given the crazy schedule I got this week, I was hoping that I could find a version that I had written before, but nooooo. I also couldn’t possibly post up the feature we got on the digital version of the papers (homahgawd, that was a bonus man!! Wedding of the week leh hahaha). So, for posterity’s sake, here is our (or rather, my) version.

It was 2008 and we were living in Perth, had been dating & living together for 3 years. 3 years of 24/7. In Singapore terms..that is like double the dating period? haha. Especially since we wouldn’t get to live with each other in SG. Spending our lives together for the rest of our lives was on the cards (we were sorta past the boyfriend/girlfriend stage then) but then again, we weren’t sure where we were heading then (if we would still be in Aus or back in SG) and if that paper document stating our status as a married couple was definitely necessary.

But..hey, lao niang want to get married hor. Hahaha got chance to wear wedding gown leh! Why not right. The topic came up one night. For the life of me, I cannot remember how it even came up. I just know that it was in winter, we were huddling in the study watching some drama serial (maybe Little Nonya?) and somewhere in the conversation, we dared each other to tell our parents we wanted to get married.

WTH. Went along the lines of ‘well, if you are serious, then Imma call my mother and tell her about it!’ and he replied with a ‘call lah!’

So that night we called our parents and told them the news. Wayhey, we are getting married! Seriously. Was I expecting a proposal or did I wish for one? Secretly of course I wished for one lah, but err, after getting it wrong one time (people so secretly come meet me at my grandma’s house and then take out one box, what the heck was I supposed to think???), I didn’t think much about it at that moment. After a few months tho..I started bugging him for one. Even though wedding plans were already in place.

photo taken by Derrick Ong Photography

photo taken by Derrick Ong Photography

The Tings then. Doing things all wrong. Hahaha.

To give you the low down, Donald is quite good with surprises. Like you would NEVER suspect anything kind good. But after being together for 11 years, and getting enough surprises for the first few years (sad life, now become wife liao got no surprises), innocent questions are enough for me to suss things out.

During one of the trips back to SG for our wedding preps, we went ring shopping and I had more or less decided on the engagement ring I wanted. But I wanted to think a little more about it. Little did I know that Donald had asked the jeweller to put it aside and that we would go back again and test to see if it was THE ring. The jeweller was to then tell me that it had be sold. And boy, was I disappointed when I found out that it had been ‘sold’ the following day. Never mind. The sneaky guy, on the pretext of needing to go to the loo, rushed back to the jeweller’s 15 mins after we left to seal the deal, pick up the ring and then head back with me. I almost blew his cover when I asked him if he was sure he didn’t buy the ring and told the jeweller’s to tell me that it was sold, and that the ring was in his bag (which it really was!).

Ladies and gentlemen. Reverse psychology does work. His reply? ‘Don’t believe, check lah!’ hahaha. So fortunately for him, I didn’t check his bag. But I sure as hell was whinging a little about missing out on the ring.

Fast forward to next day, to the proposal-that-was-supposed-to-happened, where I was to meet him at City Hall MRT station. I coincidentally found out that he was nearby at Bugis MRT station and decided that I would meet him there instead of City Hall MRT. I was whinging more about the ring and teasing him about when he was going to be proposing to me.

D: Where would you like to be proposed at?

Me: lah! (at Bugis MRT) afterall, it’s the closest to where we got our wedding rings!

Again, ladies and gentlemen. It looks really romantic when the guy proposes in the public. Girl gasps as guy takes ring box out and then tears when he proposes and then nods her head in agreement. IT IS NOT FOR ME OKAY. homahgawd. 

Donald takes the box out and gets on one knee and proposes. I’m mortified. 

Me: okok, get up!! Yes yes! *looks furtively around*

My audience? One lao ah pek sitting and wondering what the hell we are doing, and another teenager engrossed in phone. Phwah piangs. This was NOT what I was expecting. hahahahah.

The proposal-that-was-supposed-to-happened. Donald was supposed to get ahead of me and stick A4 sheets of paper with the words ‘Will You Marry Me?” on the partition separating the escalators of the MRT leading to Raffles City Shopping Centre. However, he was late. And he was late because he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get into trouble sticking stuff at the MRT station. Hahahahha. Okay, so maybe heng he didn’t get to do it because I would be lagi paiseh then. But hey, at least he got put in some thought lah. (Darn, was gonna post photos of those papers but I cannot find them!! =( Argh..gotta go dig around and find it to post.)

And I got the ring I wanted!! <33

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