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it’s been a while since I will be away from Perth for more than a month! the last time we were away for that long was back in 2007. We were home for a holiday and then Christmas.

I’m missing my boys (all 3 of them, human and cats).

this whole 2nd wedding thing is doing my head in. probably because there are so many Chinese customs involved in the wedding. no one says anything in the beginning and when we proceed as we deem fit, everyone else comes out and says that what we are doing is wrong.

pek chek. like SERIOUSLY pek chek.

I’m facingĀ  a mother who’s getting snippy these few days. Very trying times. I’m border-line patronising to her, which I think is better than being frustrated and arguing back. Feel like just throwing the towel in and letting her do whatever she wants, and then let her tell me what I have to do.

5 days before Donald returns to Singapore. Maybe I’ll regain part of my sanity when my husband is close by. haha.

my husband. *beams* has quite a nice ring when I say it. haha. okay, that’s making me go all smiley. not so pek chek now. haha. =)

been trying to adapt to the humidity in SG. cold showers are a must! I haven’t had a cold shower since…last summer. It was sweltering then. What a drastic change from the cool weather in Perth to the humid weather here. How could Sam have tolerated the different weathers during his trip!? It would have driven me mad at some point in time I think. =P

Welp, bed time soon. Quite a few errands to run tomorrow, and looking for pretty guestbooks for the wedding!

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