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okay. was telling Sam that these two weeks could pass by really quickly or really slowly. He reckons that it’ll fly by. I think it’ll crawl. You know that kind of days where time slows to a crawl when something is about to happen?

Tonight’s a great example. I think I’ve exhausted all the websites that I usually read. I’ve planted berries in Pokemon Platinum. I’ve spent a fair bit of time with Thomas. We’ve been out the entire day, and I had an early morning too.

And I’m still not tired. Well, I am kinda sleepy, but I’m running on adrenalin.

And I don’t think I’m stressed. haha. Maybe just bored waiting for things to happen. We’ve basically finished wedding preps for the wedding in Perth, and am starting on the one in Singapore. There’s not much we can really do for the one in Singapore. But we’ve worked out what we want. Basically gotta wait for the products to be finished here and then bring it back to SG.

Might be picking our portfolio box containing our photos from our engagement session tomorrow! Depending if the photographer’s free. =) We had a final session with the videographer on Wednesday and gave him a ‘storyboard’ for one of the videos he is going to be post-processing for us. Very excited to see the end product.

Gonna be a crazy time for me. 2 weeks till the wedding, then about 1 week of work and then I’m flying back to Singapore, Donald another week later. And then we’ll be away for 2 weeks in Japan after the wedding, before spending another week back in Singapore.

Times like this that makes me wonder why Donald and I didn’t runaway and elope. haha. =P But I’m glad that we’ll have friends to share this day with us!

I think it’s gonna be another looong night.

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