the art of being married

well. we haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I’m sure we will in time to come. heh.

the feeling is still a little surreal. I haven’t come down from the high of the wedding day. I have so much to say, so much to tell. I can’t just put them into the words that it deserves.

but let me tell you. I had my perfect wedding.

i got my period on the day itself. it rained. we got lost. we were late. it was freezing.

i had a ball of a time.

the week of mayhem started on Thursday, with Ally arriving at 8.45pm, and us being late in picking her up. It was so good to see her. I haven’t seen her in 2 years and I actually got teary hugging her when we arrived at the taxi stand. Geez, how did I get so emotional? =P After dropping Ally off, Donald and I managed to chill for a little before the peak crazy pickup began. Donald went off to pick his parents and Jerry, and about an hour later, CJ and I left to pick Cheryl, followed by Kenneth, Justina & Jamie. CJ and I copped a fine for running a red light. It was pouring and visibility was bad. We failed to notice the red light whilst looking out for signs..haha. Ah wells.

Friday morning was spent at Ferrari Suit Hire. By the time the ladies arrived at the Ferrari, the guys were all suited up and looked quite dashing. On looking at the rest of the guys, CJ decided that he wanted to be a groomsman afterall, bringing out bridal party to a nice even number of 6, 3 on each side. My bridal party was complete!! =)

Friday arvo was spent at the winery, just checking the place out and some wine tasting. Carried out a little briefing, explaining to the bridal party what was going to happen on that day, and where things were going to be placed. Some photos were taken, including one of the guys doing this ridiculous jump that made them look like they were sitting in the air. *laugh*

Friday night was the first briefing. Roles and responsibilities were delegated. Then Kenneth came up with the idea of getting the groom and the groomsmen to wear multi-coloured socks. hahaha. See, one thing I love about having close friends around, is that they think up of the craziest things that we’d love to do for the wedding.

Seriously, having everyone there, just made the whole wedding even more real. Like this is it. Panic attack? Check. haha.

Saturday was spent running errands separately. I made a huge mistake of taking an old flight time from Sam’s website, one that was blogged AGES ago. Poor Sam. It was the first time in 10 years we were meeting and I was close to two hours late!! Definitely not a good start. Took him to Fremantle, and met up with some of the crew who went down as well. It was a good meet up. I was a little worried at how meeting up face to face would be like. But all’s good!! I think cos of the calls and the chats that we’ve maintained over the years, sure helped to make everything feel normal. Don’t think Sam got enough sleep tho..hahaha.

Saturday night, final briefing and check. heaps of fingers crossed for good weather the next day. then bedtime. except not much sleeping went on. who could?! I did think that Donald would head home and then crash. Turned out that he only slept at 4.30am. *laugh* Just two hours later than me. But I did wake up earlier than him, at 5am.

Sunday morning passed by in a haze. As we went through the motions, and as time passed, I got increasingly nervous. I mean, who wouldn’t right? I couldn’t even remember my vows. Thank God I didn’t have to memorise them. I would have blanked out there and then. The morning crew (Kenneth, CJ, Sam, Jamie & Jolene) left at 9.30am to set up the place. Vases, photos, treasure chest, markers, order of ceremony, menus, markers, wedding cake. It was gonna be a busy morning for them.

The weather held for a moment, well, at least for the drive there. But it was too cold to even put the roof of the MINI Cooper down. I fell in love just looking at the car. Cheryl was the driver and the radio came on the moment she started the engine. Have absolutely no idea what the title of the song was, but it was a rock song, and TOTALLY fitted the mood. 4 girls in a hurry, nervous, riding high on adrenalin for the day, and rushing to a wedding. La bam ba came on next, and then Knockin’ on heaven’s door came on after. We were singing our heads off in the MINI when La bam ba came on. *laugh*

Cheryl tooted the car horn just before turned into the driveway of the winery, put the roof down and we arrived into the driveway in style. It was what I envisioned it to be.

Then it started raining. and out came the transparent umbrellas that we had gotten family to help us buy back in Singapore. The poor bridesmaids, tottering in high heels in the mud, in red sleeveless dresses, freezing in the cold. The winery had only just built a pavillion earlier this year and the roof had only just gone up on Friday morning before the wedding. Thank you Sittella Winery. That pavillion was magic. All 38 guests and family members managed to be seated quite comfortably in there.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and it flew by. I was like, ‘huh? that’s it? That was fast!’  I had expected it to drag on, which was what I was worried about. I mean..I don’t want people to be bored you know. Then yours truely did the unthinkable by crying whilst saying the vows. -_-” so malu..haha. There were a couple of laughs when Ally used a tissue to dab my tears then proceeding to dab Donald’s. hahaha.

Then it was off to get group photos and location shots with the bridal party. We had a few umbrella shots of course, and the guys went off to have a jumping shot whilst the girls had some individual shots. More hilarity ensued when we borrowed one of our photographers’ wacked umbrella. The strong winds had blown Jen’s umbrella inside out and I thought it would be hilarious to use it as a prop for some shoots. turns out that you could even pull the material off the wire just so that it flaps in the wind. hahaha.

Whilst we were getting our photos done, the guests were entertained with getting interviewed and having to write well-wishes for our specially designed guestbook. We had bought a massive Lil Miss & Mr Men poster just for the wedding. It worked quite well, cos the guests had something to do whilst they waited for us. Word was the guests thought it was a great idea! (scoooore!! haha). I couldn’t wait to ‘dig’ into the piles of well-wishes. There was a polaroid attached to it as well. They were awesome. Esp. a particularly special ‘Lil Miss Genius’ hahaha.

Donald was going to be the only one giving a speech. The bridal party surprised us by giving a speech, each and everyone of them. There was Jerry, Donald’s cousin whom he’d known from young. There were Justina & Kenneth, who are my best mates from the days of my tertiary education. There were Cheryl, Ally & CJ who were with Donald & I right from the beginning of our relationship. These special 6 people who jelled together right from the beginning, put up this brilliant show for Donald & I. Each of those speeches meant something special to us. I can’t say this enough. They are the best bridal party ever.

Looks like the bridal party had fun posing in front of the camera too. hahah. I had a look at some photos from Sam’s camera. Sam had so kindly taken photos for the 2nd half of the reception, after the photographers left. The bridal party pretended that the MINI had broken down and had heaps of fun shots with it. I had a good laugh looking through them. I can’t wait to get all those photos and put them into a scrapbook. It will be awesome.

A black & red themed wedding. the colours were awesome. and outstanding. the girls in gorgeous red and the guys in black. Donald and I in white.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my colourful, fabulous wedding day. Everyone was happy, and happy for the both of us. It was a lovely cosy wedding, and I got a chance to talk to everyone that attended. It was everything I wanted and more.

I’m still reeling from it, and I think it’s going to take a while before I come down from this high. haha. =) I can’t wait to see the photos and videos. *bounces in excitment*

We’ve come a full circle, bebe.  I love you. and I am the luckiest. =)

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