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These days, Ollie alternates being super cheeky (in a bad way) and being really nice (in a wow-i-am-impressed way).

To give him credit, he has been really nice to QT. Well..apart frm Monday where he smacked QT in the cab. Apart from that, they got along fabulously.

The cheeky bit..not so good. He has had his easel confiscated for drawing on the play yard and play mat and..on QT using crayons. It got to the point where I was tired of telling him “stop doing this, stop doing that”. And I just confiscated it without a word.

Cue loads of tears and begging for me to return the easel. No way, buster.

Other instances would be snatching stuff from me and that would result in a couple of smacks on the back of his hand. He would go,” ouuuuuch! But it’s so red!“. He mostly starts his sentences with “but”. We would have a chat post smack about what he did and share a hug.

Earlier this evening, Ollie switched off his 表姑’s pc whilst she was using it. He attempted to repeat it again, despite us telling him not to do so. He got smacked on the back of his hand. He then sat on my lap and buried his head against my chest.

He looked up, solemnly and then said “but mummy is happy.”

“No, mummy is upset. 表姑 was doing some work on the computer and you switched it off. I told you not to touch it and you tried to switch it off again. Say sorry please.”

Ollie didn’t say it directly..he said sorry 姨姨.  Well, I’d take it. Let’s not push it.

He was then resting against my chest, then looked up, “but mummy is happy.”

Yes, mummy is happy because you said sorry. Do you want mummy to be happy?”


It was only at that moment when I finally understood what this child of mine had been saying to me or Donald or QT, each time he said “but is happy.” He just didn’t want us to be cross with him and to resume the smiles and laughter. I had always assumed he was being cheeky and wanted to say the opposite when we werr cross with him. He said it because he wanted to do something about the situation and make amends.

And my heart broke a little when I looked at his forlorn face looking at me.
Oh my darling, I hope your little heart didn’t break as mine did, the way this mummy of yours responded to you. We’ll work our way slowly but surely through our lives.

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