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my camera guy

my camera guy

7 days into 2014, and we’ve got another 9 weeks to go in this pregnancy. Nervous much? Somewhat. But thank goodness I have this hyper toddler keeping me busy. That and this thing called nesting syndrome. Argh.

It went into hyper overdrive during the last week of 2013, and earlier this week. Just felt the need to tidy, and tidy and tidy, dragging poor Donald into it. Just the other day, I was sorting out the toys, Quentin’s in a pile and Ollie’s in another pile. Obviously Ollie was stoked to revisit some old toys and that kept him occupied whilst I cleaned up a few more stuff. Good grief..if one toddler was already taking up so much space..what more about two??

D asked in passing if I was sorting out photos and I ended up sitting in front of the computer trying to sort out duplicates and the photos we had in it. Alamak. I chanced upon a video that a friend had taken for us using my phone, a video of Donald giving 2 mth old Ollie his bath. Hahah. It was such an awesome memory. Donald was like, “ohhh so this is how you bath the baby.”
I reckon it is going to take us a couple of days before we get back into the swing of things again when Quentin arrives.

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