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these days, the business has taken up half of what’s left of our free time. the other half, we try to catch up with each other. I mean..we don’t want to be constantly talking about business right? But sooo hard to not talk about it.

The boys have been on my mind lately. Today, we went on another mini adventure, travelling from the east to the west, stroller free again. It takes a little getting used to, but we are getting there. We went to the airport in the morning to see kong kong & poh poh off on their holiday; was about to head home when I had a brainwave about taking the kids to daddy Ting’s office and meet him for lunch.

Ollie, would you like to go to Daddy’s office?” Ollie nods solemnly. So off we went.

Ollie was a real trooper. Again, we set our rules and expectations before we left for the airport and he took to it. Held hands, listened and waited. As we left Donald’s office, Ollie decided that he had enough of walking and asked to be carried. He knew the drill, I would squat and he would climb on my back, with QT in front of me in the baby carrier. He loves having me piggy back him, and he’d look around, we’d have a chat. Made him walk again as we went down the stairs and through a underpass. He yelled out the alphabets, listening to the echo and getting amused by it.

It was then that I realised I was walking very fast. I was thinking about how I had to quickly get home so that the boys would be home in time for their naps. It was also then that I realised Ollie was somewhat tripping over his feet as he struggled to keep up with my footsteps. I slowed down.

And now as I think about it, when I allowed Ollie to walk independently, without any hand holding, he often ran about. Donald and I would constantly yell out, “Ollie, walk. Not run!” Was it because he was so used to trying to catch up with our speed that running was the norm to him, that running meant walking?

As I slowed down, Ollie slowed down. He had time to walk, look around and look up at me to talk.

“mummy, this is CC22. We are going to EW5. Daddy cannot go home because he needs to rest.”

“hahah, yes Ollie. Daddy does rest at work sometimes.” oh he says the most random things that cracks me up.

On the journey back home, Ollie managed to score a seat that allowed him to look out of the window. And he did what every other kid would do, kneel on the seat and looked out of the window. He would ask where we were heading, what the building was, and then stared so quizzically at the elderly man dozing off next to him. I couldn’t help smiling to myself. It was a long journey back, one that took more than an hour of train and bus. But he handled it very well.

And I guess, it is during the times when I rush the kids through things, I miss out on moments like this. QT cops the somewhat shitty end of things too, especially when I know that he can survive on just breastmilk. His weaning to solids is allll over the place. How to feed two when we go out?? Hey, I mean breast is best right? Milk on the go. =P

We’re still trying to find a balance amidst all of this. Handling housework, laundry (haaate it), spending time with the kids and focusing on the business. I think some prioritising is needed. Hmph.

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