Flower Hacks & Floristry at A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session

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Recently, the nice people at A Better Florist offered to send us some flowers. I immediately asked if they had something for Father’s Day. I figured..eh, guys can also receive flowers okay. Except I had zero talent in floral arrangement and I wasn’t ready murder any flowers that I would buy to try and even make a floral arrangement. Hahah.

I checked out their site..and lo & behold, they had some of Daddy Ting’s favourite flowers! I opted for the Ayla. Perfect for brightening up our home. It definitely brought back memories of when we grew sunflowers in our backyard whilst living in Perth. They grew to be taller than us!

see..guys can be THIS happy to receive flowers.

See, flowers can complement things that belong to a guy haha. Another walk down memory lane as I searched for items that said something about the father of my children. Sunnies for the life before kids; motorbike gloves for life in Singapore; a book to him from the kids; a watch for the life before we met; and shoes for just him. I had to explain to the kids when they asked why I was picking out these items. Hahah. I don’t think they can imagine their parents having a life without them!

I had fun putting the items together and what’s better than putting the bouquet together yourself and gifting it to your loved ones?

A Better Florist is opening its doors every Saturday for its weekly Flower Jam Session. Whether you’re looking for fun date activities, quality time with the family or searching for a new hobby—they’ve got you covered. So ladies, if you are looking for something to do on a Saturday with some girlfriends, they have a flower jam happening on 17th June on wedding bouquets! If you wanna recreate that your wedding bouquet one day, this would be the workshop to go to! Now that I think about it..actually this should be the workshop for the husbands to attend!

wedding bouquet replica for 6th wedding anniversary from hubby

I mean if the husbands now know how to put a bouquet together, they no longer need to spend too much to buy bouquets. I mean, come on, you giving your wife flowers that YOU put together? And you recreating your wedding bouquet? This kind..money also cannot buy lor. Or husband and wife can attend the workshop together too! #couplegoals

Furthermore, flower bouquets and fresh cut flowers are no longer just luxury purchases or limited to special occasions. They are now slowly being incorporated into interior designs and apartment living. The good news is, the proliferation of online florists in Singapore have made blooming your house even easier by catering to all your floral needs. Fresh flowers and succulents help remind urbanites of the lush outdoors in an increasingly tech-saturated and artificial environment. Through floral subscriptions, you can get quality and in season flowers at affordable prices. So add some life and warmth to drab and dull rooms by blooming your home with beautiful flower displays.

By participating in these flower jam sessions, even cheap flowers can be transformed into classy décor and luxurious bouquets. So now you can incorporate flowers into your home, gift friends and surprise your spouse with your own floral arrangements!

For further details, you can contact A Better Florist at +65 3163 1525.

To sign up for the upcoming workshop, register here! The first 5 sign ups only need to pay $40 (UP$55) for the workshop.

Grab your girlfriends (or better, grab your husband) and enjoy a relaxing afternoon surrounded by flowers!


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