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Everyone loves a good giveaway, right? And what more, when they are from the various parent bloggers that I have gotten to know in a blogging community! They have put in the hardwork to review and now let’s hop over to the blogs that are running giveaways so that you can stand a chance to win at something!

But first! We’ve got a giveaway of our own too! Tickets to a seminars on brain development in kids below 5 years, and between 5 – 12 years of age.

Obviously, having 2 kids below 5 meant that I was interested in the former seminar. More details can be found here.

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This seminar covers 2 topics:

The Brain & Language: Prepare your child’s brain to love languages by Dr. Steve Miller

I’ arts person (yes, it means I totally detest maths and science). Languages fascinate me and so I try to make sure that my kids get exposed to various languages. We speak English at home, but can also speak dialects like Hokkien & Cantonese, and a smattering of Malay, thanks to my paternal grandma who’s a Nonya. We definitely want to retain some roots to our ethnic group so we are hoping the kids will pick the dialects up! Sad to say, not a lot of people can speak their dialect, so this seminar will definitely provide some tips as how your child absorbs languages in their early stages in life!

The Brain & Movement: Build the body, boost the brain by Ms. Cheryl Chia

Who would have thought that exercising can help boost the brain function! I’ve seen parents doing various sensory activities with their kids and have always wondered about their effectiveness. I mean, sure, fine motor skills are important as kids develop to learn how to write, some other activities may also help in concentration and focus. But to what extent leh? This would also be a major eye-opener for us!

For parents with kids above 5 years of age..don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! For more details about the seminar, you can check it out here

Regional seminar_CMS_SG_PM-FINAL

This would probably be especially useful if you have kids who are heading to primary school soon! The class is a whole new playing field and this would definitely come in handy as you prepare yourselves and your kids for the new phase in their educational life.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway for each of the seminars.

To participate, all you need to do is

1. Like SmartParents on Facebook
2. Like Just some Tings on Facebook
3. State which seminar you would like to attend in the comments section and the following information:
 – tell me how old your child is, which of the two topics interests you more and why.
4. Participants may only choose one seminar to participate in. Contest ends 15th August 2016, 2359hrs and winners will be notified by 16th August 2016. Winners will be selected at random. Giveaway consists of a pair of tickets to the seminar of their choice stated in the comments. 

Disclaimer: The tickets to the seminars are kindly sponsored by SmartParents. is not affiliated with SmartParents. Seminars promoted are based on what I believe to be useful to parents. 

Now…moving on to regular programming, the links to more giveaways! =)


Places to Go:
1. MummySaidDaddySaid: Alive Museum Singapore Family Ticket Giveaway – Ends 5th August 2016
2, The “Perfect” Father: Ninjago Legoland Malaysia (Giveaway) – Ends 31 Aug 2016

Things to Do:
1. Rainbow Diaries: {Giveaway} Raising a Child Gifted – Rise & Shine Seminar by Pamela Lim –
2. Mylilbookworm: Yoga with Serene – Ends 6th Aug 2016
3. The Chill Mom: Facebook Giveaway – $50 UE Vouchers – Ends 22nd Aug 2016

Things you Need:
1. Amazingly Still: NDP2016: National Education (NE) Show – Ends 4th Aug 2016
2. Mummy’s Little Black Book: Cimilre S3 Review + GIVEAWAY – Ends 5th Aug 2016

Things to Eat:
1. Prayerfull Mum: Connecting over Food at Gu Ma Jia – Ends 8th Aug 2016

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