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When I decided to approach the team from bio-home, it was because I had already been using the products and thought..there should be something for mummies inside our goodie bag! I started using their dishwashing detergent shortly after we moved back to Singapore, and gradually included their range of products to my household cleaning. So this review is legit one hor!

Dishwashing Detergent

When we were living in Australia, we were using Earth Choice. We could get it in Singapore but it was soooo expensive then (haven’t considered it again ever since). Urgh. I was basically looking out for a more natural detergent, with a low impact on the environment, and without breaking the bank. Usually it’s the cost that outweighs everything else.

My family uses another brand with a lemony scent. Well, granted that brand really cleans the dishes well, but it made my hands really dry and tight after washing.

Then! I came across bio-home at my aunt’s place. The green tea and bergamot smelt really really good, something light. And best of all, it felt really gentle on my hands! I liked that it doesn’t really leave that soapy sensation on your hands after rinsing off. You know, that slimy soapy feeling after you have used some hand soap? That feeling. I don’t think I looked back since. The pump is really easy to use, and we usually only need a small amount of liquid to wash a lot of dishes. It removes grease fairly well too! Best is it is not too expensive when it is on promo! #auntiemode

I knew that they had other products as well, but we were using an organic range then, so we didn’t really want to make the switch. It wasn’t until I received samples of their kitchen cleaner, laundry detergent and floor cleaner that I decided to make the switch.

Floor cleaner.

Having kids, It was really really really hard to find a floor cleaner that I was comfortable with. After Oliver was mobile, we invested in a stupidly heavy steam and vacuum cleaner. The floor was spotless and super squeaky clean, all without any chemicals. Just water and we are good to go. It’s a no wonder I didn’t gain much weight during that year okay. I was lugging 12kg around to clean the house and each time it would take me 2 hours to clean just the floors.

Looking back..WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Then I decided..okay, let’s get the one that my mom used. And for some reason, it left a weird residue after mopping. I would have just mopped the floor and yet when I walked over the cleaned portion, I could see footprint marks. Damn you, glossy floors. I just damn BTH (buay tahan) to see footprints on freshly mopped floors. This was despite mixing the detergent with hot water or cold water (I thought it made a difference lah).

I changed to an organic floor cleaner with essential oil which worked as a disinfectant. But the oil also left a residue! ARGH. So not fated. Doesn’t help that I grew up in a home with squeaky floor so I have pretty high standards when it comes to clean floors.

I’ve only recently switched to the bio-home floor cleaner last year, and I can say I’m super happy with it! And I’ve been happy for the boys to dip their hands into it to help me mop the floor. Cos it’s all plant-based and baby safe too! I get my clean, residue free, squeaky floor. Oh and it doesn’t leave any watermarks when it dries up! It’s just clean glossy floors.

Kitchen Cleaner

We’ve also been using the kitchen cleaner to occasionally give our counter tops a good wipe. Most of the times we just use a wet towel to wipe down the counter tops after dinner. On days where there is remnants of breakfast, lunch and dinner on the counter tops, I give the surfaces a good spritz and let it sit for a while. Then just a wet towel and wipe everything off. Simple! We also use it to clean our gas stove after cooking, especially when I do some heavy cooking and there are oil splatters around. It does help to degrease the stove.

Though…please don’t try it on greasy floors. Before I bought the floor cleaner, I thought since this works well on the stove and counter top, it should work fine on the floor right? Wah liew..I spent a lot of time wiping it off the floor hahaha. I dunno what is the difference between the kitchen cleaner and the floor cleaner in terms of ingredients, but heck, there is a difference. Kitchen and floor cleaners should just be..what they are. Was just me being DAMN geh kiang..

If I’m hardworking enough…I’ll remove everything off the counter tops and give it a good wipe down, removing dust and all.¬†Just so you know, we have quartz counter tops so this has been fairly safe for us to use so far! No staining, or corrosion. My counter tops still look pretty!

Laundry detergent

mmMMM. Laundry detergent that smells so nice. Nothing too artificial smelling. Before we had kids, we were using regular laundry detergent. Then Quentin came along and..well, we all know about his sensitive skin, so we had to play around and switch laundry detergents. Organic, epsom salts/baking soda-esque. The epsom salts type worked for him but they came in powdered form. And I reaaally really don’t like powdered detergent. I just get the idea that they will clump up somewhere and not dissolve. I mean I could be wrong but I can’t see how it works inside the washing machine so..haha.

I gave the bio-home laundry detergent a shot and hoped for the best. We have been using it since earlier this year, so far so good! It’s not too expensive, we use about 1.5 caps for a 9kg washing machine. Laundry comes out smelling really nice and it’s not just me who says it! Haha fellow mummy who received 2nd hand clothes from me also said it smells awesome.

What I really like about bio-home is that it is environmentally friendly. I am environmentally conscious in that I have a box for recycling in my kitchen, we use recyclable bags and we reuse/repurpose anything where possible. So the fact that this range of household cleaning products have a low impact on the environment is already a tick on my books.

But please please, can we have refill packs?

Facebook Giveaway

As I mentioned, we have had extras from our goodie bags, and I would love to share them on with mummies who wish to try! I have up for grabs 5 sampler packs like the ones below.

These sampler packs consist of:
1 x Laundry Detergent, Delicate (for delicate clothes, baby clothes and people with sensitive skin!)
1 x Floor Cleaner
1 x Dishwashing Liquid
1 x Multi-surface Cleaner

1. Like the Facebook pages of Just Some Tings & bio-home
2. Tell me which product you have used or which products you would like to use, and why.
3. Giveaway closes 12 Dec 2017. Winners will be picked at random.

Disclaimer: These sampler packs were sponsored for the October 2016 Mummies & Monsters bash. No monetary benefits were received for this review. All opinions are made by me. 

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