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My third trimester was eventful. Like super duper eventful. To the extent, I dunno if I should be happy or unhappy that I was in lockdown with the kids.

Firstly, the boys caught HFMD through a playdate at our place. So..we had like 4 days of incubation and then QT got it first, then Ollie caught it a week later. FOL. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ollie was suspected to have scabies. Whuuut?? The rest of his scabs from HFMD seemed to be healing save for some spots on his knees and elbows. We went to the nearby GP and he said that it was just some residual spots. When they didn’t go away over the weekend, I figured a trip to KKH was necessary.

So what happens when kiddo has scabies? *sigh* You boil EVERYTHING that he has come into contact with. Well, clothes and bedsheets lar. Cos you don’t know where the mites have been. And not only that, Ollie was prescribed a lotion to kill adult mites, and all of us had to apply it as well once a week. Urgh. And he doesn’t get to go back to school for two weeks. FML again. And when he recovers, it was the Sept school hols.

You can imagine my cabin fever. And as luck would have it…I gave birth shortly after the school reopened. Hahahah. WTH. On one hand, I was bored. It was horrible that I couldn’t go out. On the other hand, I was so huge and walking was a I guess it was sorta a blessing in disguise. I looked forward to my weekly grocery shopping at the wet market. And cos only one person could leave the house at one time, we couldn’t do major grocery shopping at the supermarket.

So….no time like now to explore online shopping possibilities eh? Shopback invited me to give their services a try. I had been hesitant to be honest. Usually with online grocery shopping, there is a minimum order and a delivery fee. I am limited to shopping via my mobile phone (I never get peace when I take the laptop out), so it meant adding another app to my already cluttered screen.

So how ah? No harm right..give it a shot lor. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I wanted to shop, and we are running out of diapers and toilet paper.

What is Shopback?

In layman’s terms, it’s a shopping platform that allows you to shop at various online stores and receive a rebate (cash) for shopping through Shopback. And this is on top of whatever bonuses/discounts that you are already receiving for your accounts! (different T&Cs apply for each merchants). Shiok right?

Online shopping.

My virgin online shopping experience was on Ebay (which incidentally is one of the merchants on Shopback!). You know that excitement as you bid for the item you want? Omg. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach. I bought a MD player. MD player leh!! Good grief. How old is that.

So I signed up for an account on Shopback and realised that NTUC Online was one of their merchants!

#auntiemodeon FairPrice Online leh!

There was a really good promo for Drypers then, so no time like now to give it a shot! Too bad I was already an existing customer, else I would have gotten a 4% rebate. But hey, a 2% rebate wasn’t too bad! This is on top of using my OCBC-NTUC card to make payment for the groceries.

So imagine..use OCBC-NTUC card to pay (up to 12% rebate) + Linkpoints + 2% rebate from Shopback. Hey, that is money I could use!

And then I also discovered honestbee..

honestbee grocery concierge

honestbee grocery concierge

New account discount ($12, sign up via Shopback) + 4% rebate. I stocked up my pantry for that initial order.

I relied on these two merchants heavily during my month of lockdown. I was also slowly checking out the other merchants like iHerb (you can use my code: QOC588 to get 10% off your first order!), and cheap dining deals for days that I was just too tired too cook. hellooooo Foodpanda.

There are definitely heaps merchants on Shopback that I’ve yet to use. You can grab a Groupon promo code and enjoy some of the amazing deals there. Or if you’re looking to get some health and beauty products, you can shop at Guardian online (best part, your Passion card perks still applies!). If you’re looking to buy Christmas presents? Why not save with a Book Depository coupon and take advantage of that free international shipping as well; And before you start shopping or registering for a new account, always view the latest coupons to ensure that you have the best deals! It is a little more than just a shopping platform!

You can really chalk up the rebates easily if you regularly shop from the merchants. I easily chalked up 10 bucks in 2 weeks thanks to grocery shopping. More so if you shop with merchants like Lazada and on taobao. Now…if they could get Amazon & deliveroo onboard..I will be eternally thankful! hahaha.

[Update: OMG Deliveroo is on Shopback now! And they have some pretty awesome cashback deals on certain weekends, like up to 30% cashback using Visa credit cards! My last Itacho order had a $15 discount on it. BEST BUY lor. Even better is using a referral and get $10 credit for your first order if you sign up using my referral link!]

To get you started, you can use my referral link to get an instant cashback of $5 upon signing up! And yes, I will get $5 in return too.

Now go forth, and start shopping. #auntiemodeoff.


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