Review: ChooMee Sip’n Cap

Review Pack

Review Pack

I recently go an opportunity to review these products, Choomee’s Sip’n caps for baby/toddler food pouches. I came across these when I was out looking for reusable pouches in Singapore. The colors of these caps caught my attention (haha just like a kid).

Sip it. Cap it. Strap it.

Julie, one half of the husband & wife team behind Choomee, kindly sent me a box of Sip’n caps. And they are generous! In all fairness, I was just expecting a pair of caps to try but I received a total of 6, a food pouch for QT AND an Infantino reusable pouch to show its adaptability on most pouches. On their website, you can actually see the extensive range of pouches that the cap fits on.

Excited, I actually took a Nurture Inc. Happytot fruit & vegetable pouch from the pantry and attached one of the lids on in front of my dad. Hey, I mean, I can’t let Ollie have all the fun now, can I? A little apprehensive at first, I gave it a gentle squeeze before increasing the pressure on the pouch.

End result? Let’s just say I am pretty impressed with how much pressure I had to exert in order for the contents to come spraying out.The contents will not come out based if one was squeezing for normal consumption. For it to spurt out, it had to be some deliberate squeezing before it would come squirting out. My dad was pretty impressed too. Seriously, I couldn’t wait for Ollie to give it a shot.

And you should have seen the look on Ollie’s face when I told him to squeeze the pouch. The “really??” kind of look. So here we go.

The end result we got on the floor after the really hard squeeze?

supervising his handiwork

supervising his handiwork

Which IMHO, is minimal splatter! Compared to emptying half a pouch and more mess to clear up. Argh. The cap will actually buy me enough time to stop him from squeezing too hard before enough comes out.

Next..I told Ollie to try pulling the cap off.

Muhahahaha. Now you see why I am liking this cap even more?

Finale. I told Ollie to FLING the pouch around.

There were a couple of droplets on the floor as you can see in the final photo, but that was the extent of the mess.

Oh heavens, why did I not discover this product earlier?? Ollie is somewhat not really interested in pouches any more (really depends on his mood) and QT is on the way to discovering pouches, so this came really timely!

The Sip’n cap was designed to

1) protect the mouth of our little ones with it’s soft chewy silicon mouth piece;

2) prevent spills with the flow control valve;

3) maximise nutrition when more food ends up in their mouths than on the floor; and

4) promote independence by allowing the kids of all ages to hold on to the pouch and eat on their own!

This product is my lifesaver and I can’t wait for QT to use it too! You can find Choomee’s Sip’n at & 1010 Mother & Child Essentials.


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