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Who knew that feeding could be this easy and fun?

When Ollie was younger (like..10mo, which seemed like an eternity!), I was looking for a container/bowl that could be suctioned to the table so that I could leave him to eat his Cheerios and not have it tossed all over the floor. The snack catcher was a good alternative, but he was not ready for it then. When he was finally ready for it, he would be tossing it on the floor, so I was the one spending all the time picking it up. FML.

That container with a suction base..SUCKED big time. I have a quartz counter-top in the kitchen. You always had to ensure the base was moist so that there was enough moisture to ensure the base would stick to the counter-top. And then when I washed it, the base warped. FML. Which meant it just got even harder to stick it down.

*tosses suction bowl in the bin* Err..actually no lah, it is part of the boys’ kitchen playset now. Hahaha. Too kiam to toss it in the bin.

So this year, I got introduced to ezpz mats. Seriously, when I first saw it, I was like pfffffpt. Come on, another suction plate, bowl? Hah! It is going to come right off the table when kiddo pulls it. That was before I tried it.

After? It was impressive. How impressive?

this impressive

this impressive

I actually am able to lift this IKEA chair up just holding on to the mat. And for a long while leh!! No damp surface required.

Actually..that was the last surface I tried. Before this, I went on to try on all other surfaces I had in my

kitchen counter-top with Ollie trying to rip it off the table

kitchen counter-top with Ollie trying to rip it off the table

dining table glass top

dining table glass top

my wooden bench

my wooden bench

heck, even my floor

heck, even my floor (glossy floors)

Okay..bathroom floor, surely no need right? Who eats in the bathroom anyways…=P

But yes, you get the idea. I really tried pulling it all off these surfaces. It took A LOT A LOT of pulling and tugging. But it doesn’t come off. That said..if you have an older kid like Ollie who knows that he can peel it off the surface if he can’t pull it off, then it is a different story. Idea is..don’t let the kiddo see how you peel it off the table!

If you are into Baby-Led Weaning (BLW), this would pretty much be the product for you. You get to prettify your meals to baby, and it comes served properly on a plate that baby will get associated with for food and meals! And the mat helps to minimise any mess on the table (can’t speak for the mess on the floor tho! hehe). The above image also provides you with a guide as to how much you are feeding your little one. Nifty eh?

Now, thanks to MumsPick, we will be giving away some prizes to 5 lucky readers!


There is:

– ezpz Happy Mat (RRP: $52.00)
– ezpz Happy Bowl (RRP: $46.00)
– Numnum Dips Spoon (RRP:$29.00)
– Funbites Cutter (RRP:$37.00)
– Reflo Smart Cup (RRP:; $29.90)

What you need to do is to:
1) Like our page A Cheerios Filled Life on Facebook
2) Like MumsPick on Facebook
3) Leave a comment stating how old your child is, which prize you would like to have and why.
4) Remember to leave your email so we can contact you if you are the winner!

The contest runs from now till 03 Jan 2016, 2359 hours. Contest is open to Singapore residents only. Winners of ezpz Happy Mat & Bowl  will need to self-collect from Bedok.

Disclaimer: I received a Funbites Cutter to write this review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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41 comments on “Review: Ezpz Happy Mat & Bowl + Giveaway

  1. My baby boy is 10 months old and I would like to have a ezpz Happy Mat as my son like to snatch his bowl and make a mess when we tried to feed him.

  2. Hi! My child is coming to 13 months and i would like to have a ezpz happy mat! I have been trying blw with him whenever i can because im a ftwm and i reach home close to 8pm everyday. Its not easy cleaning up a mess all the time especially when dinner started only at 8 plus. By the time we are done cleaning and bathing, it will be 10 plus to 11. Tiring! Would appreciate if i could have 1 of this awesome stuff that makes cleaning up less miserable!

  3. My son is 15 months old and I would love to have the ezpz Happy Mat. It sounds like the perfect solution for the next stage in his feeding and sure would make mummy’s life a whole lot easier. I certainly don’t want to have to discover cheerios in some weird nook and cranny in the house. 😛

  4. My son is currently 14 mth old , I would like to have ezpz happy mat as he always keep pull of the bowl fr tray & the mat is safe and easy to carry when we having dinner outside. Thanks.

  5. Both pages liked! My baby is 15 months old and is always tossing her bowl/plate off the table. I would be thrilled to have the happy mat or happy bowl so that my painstaking effort to prepare her gourmet baby meals are not wasted on the floor. My email is I really hope I win. *fingers and toes crossed

    • Hi Eelin,

      You have been pre-selected as a winner for our Giveaway! However, due to your privacy settings on Facebook, we are unable to view if you have Liked both our FB Page and Mums Pick FB Page. Could you send us a screenshot of your Likes? (condition of this giveaway was to have Liked both our FB page and MumsPick FB pag as well! =))



  6. My child is coming to 16 mths. Finally she’s always insisting to self feed and we have bought numerous feeding bowls and we end up in mess. Would love to have the happy mat so we can eat together at the table with minimal mess.

  7. Would love to have the happy mat!
    My Son is 8 months now and soon he will be able to have his meals together with us at the same dinner table, thus this would be good for him to self feed himself without needing to worry that food will spill. 🙂

  8. My son is 13.5 months old! We practice blw and love to eat out with him, coz he loves to eat. But he loves to flip any mat or plate the food is on! We have a tiny diner mat but it doesn’t stick.. sigh. Hope we can win an ezpz mat!

  9. My son is currently 20months old. He was discharged from KKH 3weeks ago. Before he was hospitalized, he was a fussy eater. We have to try 1001 tricks and means to make him ea his meals.

    It was a blessing in disguise
    That after his discharge, he somehow started to take his meals with porridge or plain rice.

    I would like to win the Happy Mat as I believe the different pockets would allow us to serve a variety of foods to encourage him to eat by enjoying what he sees in front of him.

  10. my little emperor is 13th month now. it will be good to win the ezpz happy mat for him i think. we do not have any similar as the husband think that all will slip over the table and not worth the $$$ to get one as the foods will spill all over resulted by the non-stick mat. i wanna prove him wrong !!!

  11. Hi! I am impressed with your review on the ezpz happy bowl! It looks like the thing to have especially when kids start feeding themselves. With my first kid (now 21months old), I was afraid of messy meal times hence he was always fed. However, in the recent months, he has expressed interest in using the utensils to self feed (not to mention the time taken to finish his food, the mess on the table + floor and also someone had to sit with him to hold down his bowl). Having the ezpz happy bowl will aid both parties and in addition, can be passed down to his sister who is starting solids soon (turning 6months old in 2 weeks time)

    • Xin Yee,

      You have been pre-selected as a winner for our Giveaway! However, due to your privacy settings, we are unable to view if you have Liked both our FB Page and Mums Pick FB Page. Could you send us a screenshot of your Likes? (condition of this giveaway was to have Liked both our FB page and MumsPick FB pag as well! =))



  12. Hi, would love to win this. My child is 15mos. I would like to have the happy mat please as it would definately bring fun and joy to a blw toddler while he is learning to explore his food journey! Thank you.

  13. Hi! My boy is 21 mths old now. We would like to win the ezpz happy mat because I had been eyeing this mat since he is 10 mths old. I was awes by the suction and also how easy it can be clean. But being a kiam mom, I keep procrastinating on the purchase so I hope I can win it for him to use!

  14. My girl Daphne is currently 18months and a handful one to feed with her liking to self pick her food a tosses her bowl all the time. I’ll be Glad to either have the ezpz mat or bowl if I’ve been picked to be the lucky winner. I have been looking for the ezpz mat and bowl for a Long time now and wish to introduce this to my girl for her to enjoy her food better and with my 2nd child coming, the ezpz mat will help a great deal!

  15. My boy is going 8 months and I would like to win the ezpz happy bowl so that he can enjoy his weaning process! Thanks mama! 🙂

  16. I have a 3.5 year old and a 16 month old and I would love the ezpz mat for the 16 month old! Thank you!

  17. My boy is 12months old and I hope to win the ezpz Happy Bowl as I wish to start him on BLW soon. Been looking for a good suction bowl to help me out. Thank you.

  18. 18mths girl. I would love to win the ezpz happy bowl for her.

  19. My 21mth son who is eating independantly with fork and spoon, BUT, is messing up the whole place. I would like to win the Ezpz Happy Mat as there are different sections and I would like to start teaching him to eat from individual dishes, therefore would be the ideal choice!

  20. Liked. My boy is currently 22 months old. Love to have the happy mat as my boy likes to flip his bowl and pour out all the food 🙁

  21. Epz happy mat for my 18mth baby. Meals are messy affairs with bowls flying everywhere…

  22. Hi,

    My daughter is 20 months old. She is at the stage that she likes to self-feed herself. I love to see her eating herself, but is a “headache” that I need to do the cleaning afterwards. With this, I can minimize the mess during her mealtime. It certainly will help me a lot! I hope I am the lucky one to win ezpz happy bowl and I could refer to more mums to use this during mealtime!

  23. My bb girl is 16months and learning to eat by herself. hope to win Ezpz happy mats and bowls!

  24. My daughter is 18 months. I would love to win an ezpz Happy Mat as my girl is starting to like eating a variety of food by herself so this would be an awesome product for us to have! This would help heaps in the mess too 🙂

  25. My child is 16 months . Would love to win this giveaway as he loves to self feed but the cleaning up is too much .

  26. Sorry forgot to add that I would love to win the
    – ezpz Happy Mat . Thank you

  27. My child is 14mo and i would love to win the ezpz happy bowl!so my daughter can eat without the mess!

  28. hello mummy!

    my boy is 20 months old and is exploring self feeding at the moment. i have been trying all the different types of suction pads and it hasnt been working.

    the ezpz happy bowl would be such a lifesaver for a more independent self feeding meal time for my growing boy. happy baby = happy mummy! 🙂

  29. ezpz Happy Mat for my 10months old baby girl. She gets easily distracted by her 28 months old brother, hence topples her food often. Not only e highchair & floor are in a mess, she gets food all over her hands, face & hair.Hope the mat will help keep her food in place. Thank you.

  30. My baby is 10 mths old and I’ll really love to win the ezpz happy may so my baby can have her magic potions happily on her own without turning mummy into a lioness n 跪妇;) I’ve been eyeing on this for sometime but keeps procrastinating, thus will really love to win this in the giveaway. Thank you and happy new yr

  31. I’ll like to win the reflo smart cup! My 13.5 months toddler refuse to drink from straw cup, hence I’ll always have to feed him water from the spoon or slowly feeding him from the cup directly. With reflo smart cup, I believe there won’t be any mess for him while he’s trying to drink his own water anymore!

  32. My son is 3 years old and has a type of Cerebral Palsy, I think either would be great for him since he has trouble with his left side and holding things with his left hand while he uses his right hand. I think the bowl would be a great start for him. Thanks for the chance!

  33. I would love to win a Ezpz Happy Mat! It would be perfect for my 13month daughter. No messy table and floor when she learn to eat by herself.

  34. Ezpz Happy Mat would be perfect for my 13months daughter. No more mess and great way to have Little ones to be trained! Would love to win this and to be handed down to sibling!

  35. My son is 2.5mths and I am researching all about these helpful and pretty feeding tools to make it easier and better to manage with my 3yo around plus to correct what we havent done well with her now for my son. 🙂

    Would love to win happy mat. Thanks.

  36. Baby E is 14 weeks old! Hope to get the bowl so that it can be filled with jellybeans and M&M! Happy food!

  37. Hi i have 2 kids and they are 10 months a d 3 yrs old! Will like to win the mat or bowl so will be more easy and less messy for them to have their meal!!! Your review make me sooo tempted to get one! Hope i will be the lucky one 🙂 thank you!

  38. I’d like the Funbites cutter or the NumNum Dips as I’m intending to do BLW with my baby and this will come in handy! 🙂 My baby is 2+ months old!