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I..have a love-hate relationship with flowers.

I absolutely love flowers. I love receiving them. In my entire life, I think I can count on two hands the number of times I received flowers. I get all tingly when I receive them (always from someone special). And because I so rarely receive them, I actually do kinda blush when I receive them haha. Hubby can attest to that when he gave me the 3rd bouquet of flowers in my life!

Then there is the other part of it, where I don’t like them. Cos I dunno what to do with them after they’ve reached the end of the lifespan! I’ve dried them, pressed them but they don’t turn out the same. I thought I dried my wedding bouquet properly, and yet when I took them out of the box after shipping them back to Singapore, I found it mouldy. I WAS SO UPSET. Hubby made up for it by giving me a close replica for one of our wedding anniversaries. hehehe.

So whilst I love receiving flowers, a part of me cannot justify that the money spent on it is..gone. Of course it is the meaning behind it lah! But I cannot keep it then howwwwww.

So this is where Floral Garage Singapore comes in. I was a little reluctant to accept a bouquet from them cos I sure kena ngiam from hubby about the flowers once they start wilting. Cos not he give mah. *roll eyes* But…jeng jeng jeng jeng, There are such things as preserved flowers! Now that goes easier on my eco-warrior heart. These are real flowers that are gonna last forever.

I had selected the Rudolph from their Christmas range. It arrived on the day I was expecting it, and it came scented!

no Xmas tree? No biggie!

We don’t have a Christmas tree but I wanted to have a little corner where it would give us a little festive cheer during the Christmas season. I squeezed some space out of Oliver’s table to put up these decorations. The Rudolph fitted right in. I don’t even need to dismantle a tree haha.

How about the lunar new year? Got that covered!

Rudolph entering the lunar new year

Got my rose gold onglai, some mandarin oranges, our one measly container of lunar new year goodies (must diet!) and we’ve got our set up! Seeeee, all can be reused one!

So for this year, they have a preserved floral arrangement for Valentine’s

forever & always

Imagine this arrangement sitting in your room/on your desk for a looong time cos it is preserved. PLUS it doesn’t smell musty as I expected it to be. It has a light floral scent! You can also easily put a note on the box to mark down the year you received it too!

My order was seamless and without any hiccup. All I needed to do was to state the date and time for delivery (there were a couple of timeslots), and I cheekily asked the owner, Chesna, to write me her wisest advice for a mom of four, which she happily obliged. Emails were very promptly responded too, making the entire process very uneventful!

If you are looking for a bouquet for Valentine’s Day, definitely check out Floral Garage Singapore at their dedicated Valentine’s Day site:  They are currently a 10% discount promo on their site if you are to place an order by 7th Feb!

Thanks again for sending me such a vibrant bouquet!


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