Review: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup & Snack Catcher

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It is no secret we are huge fans of Munchkin products. We own a fair bit of their products, from bowls to spoons to sippy cups to snatch catchers, all pretty handy stuff for moms and toddlers!

The team at Infantino kindly sent me a goodie pack consisting of new teats for the Munchkin LATCH, another 8oz bottle (a godsend cos we use the bottles every night!), a new sippy cup and a snack catcher. Let’s just say.. we’ve had a few yelling matches between the boys fighting over the new sippy cup *roll eyes*.

goodies for the boys

goodies for the boys

On our trip to the USA back in 2013, we were on the hunt for a new water bottle for Ollie. We lost his straw sippy and had to figure out what would work for him. We ended up with….

Sippy cups galore

Sippy cups galore

Ollie wouldn’t let got of his new bottle. Urgh. The no-spill lids were a godsend, tho if thrown forcefully on the ground by said toddler, there would still be some minimal fluid leakage. The Elmo bottle with the spout was his favourite, the straw lid was a hit and miss with it being a tad tricky to suck fluid out of it.


cup setup

cup setup (spillage is tipping the cup over and letting it drop)

I did thinking that washing this cup would be a tad tricky. But hey, minimal bits to wash! Only grief would be that the rubber flap was quite hard to take out, which is probably a good thing cos then kiddo won’t be able to pull it out.

and guess can be used by a 15mo AND a 3yo, it can be drunk for all sides (just tip and drink!)

boys drinking. cup needs to be filled more for the younger one cos he doesn’t know how to tip his head backwards.

but fight they did. *roll eyes* everyone wanted a go with the cup and it was a water parade at the Tings household that afternoon.

At least until I took the snack catcher out….haha.

Left: what we used, Right: new snack catcher

Left: what we used, Right: new snack catcher

3 yrs and the orange snack catcher is still going strong, as in QT still can’t remove the lid yet! *phew* We are currently using the orange one and well, let’s just say we are still working on QT’s motor skills. *sigh*

snack catchers

snack catchers

the boys actually found the blue snack catcher a little harder to use. Not sure if it is because it is new and hence the flaps are a little stiff. QT got a little frustrated pulling nothing out cos he was busy concentrating on pulling his hand out, and ended up dropping the Cheerios back into the container. Even Ollie had some problems with it. But I have to say the designs are really catchy and it is deeper than the orange one. The lid/flaps being screwed onto the container also makes it more secure, meaning it is harder for anyone to pull the lid off now!

For me, any product that makes my life a lot easier is a win in my books. And these two definitely are winners. You can find Munchkin products in leading departmental stores.

Sippy Cup:
The Sippy Cup comes in two versions: a 7oz trainer cup with handles; and a 10oz cup that you see in this review. Both of them retail for S$18.90 and can be found in leading departmental stores like Takashimaya, Isetan, OG, Robinson, Kiddie Palace, Metro and Toy R Us

Snack Catcher:
The snack catcher comes in other designs like the Munchkin Click Lock Snack Catcher with Lid (RRP: $12.90), the Munchkin Sesame Street Snack Catcher (RRP: $11.90) and the Snack Catcher that you see in this review (RRP:$9.90).

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of the Munchkin Miracle 360 degrees Sippy Cup & a Snack Catcher to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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