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I’ve received a few PMs asking about the bed featured in the last post. So I thought I’d write a short post about it.

We bought the bed ($1,500) from the lovely people at Ni-Night located at Joo Chiat. We were looking for a bunk bed that could be separated into two single beds. We have two boys and wanted the option of them being able to get off the bed as two single beds when they are young, and then freeing up space when they were older by converting the bed back into a bunk bed.


Separated into two single adult beds

What I love about this bed is that it is made of solid wood (i.e. super heavy!!) and the owners made sure that the beds are designed to be safe for kids (no exposed nuts n bolts, no holes, gaps). I did try climbing it up at the shop and was happy that it didn’t wobble like some metal framed bunk beds would. We bought the mattresses from them as well, I believe at $250 each which I thought was a steal for the orthopedic mattresses they offered! After a year, the mattress is still firm (both hubby and Ollie sleep on one bed).


Bottom bunk bed

Also an option, you can also add a trundle bed (pull out bed) to the bunk, further saving space!


Peg protectors so little fingers don't get caught. They cover holes that will hold pegs to connect the top bed

We did worry about Ollie hitting his head at the sides of the bed when he slept in it, seeing how it is solid wood. However, that can be easily fixed by putting a bumper around the edges until he got used to sleeping on it.


Top bunk

Overall, we are really happy with our bunk bed and can’t wait to convert it into a bunk when the boys are older!

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