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Last month, I was invited to an intimate workshop conducted by Pigeon about their new range of breast pumps.

Event setup with loads of balloons!

Event setup with loads of balloons!

To be honest, breast pumps were the last thing I would associate with Pigeon. I mean, I use their wipes, feed my kids their crackers, bought the Mag Mag cups for the kids, have their non-slip table mats, and a few other spoons and containers. But breast pumps? I know they exist but well, yeah, you know. So given the opportunity, I figured I should have a look to see what they have come up with. That, and compare it against the other breast pumps that I have reviewed.

Together with the other blogger mummies invited to the event, we sat through a presentation by Ivy, the Marketing Manager of Pigeon, who briefed us about the history of Pigeon and how the latest range of breast pumps were designed with the Asian mum in mind. Interestingly, the R&D team behind the range of pumps are guys. The founder of Pigeon is also a guy! Whaaat. How could they know more about breast pumps and the comfort it needs to offer to women, than us?? Who’d have thought I was going to be super impressed with these new range of pumps.

Ivy Chen, Marketing Manager of Pigeon, presenting.

Ivy Chen, Marketing Manager of Pigeon, presenting.

The great thing about getting to review these pumps is that each time, I walk away learning something new and getting more and more impressed by the evolution of breast pumps. All these comparing against my very first pump, the Medela Swing. Pumps have come a long way and Pigeon has gone one step further to cater their pumps to the local market. This time round, they actually teamed up with KKH to conduct a study amongst breastfeeding mothers of different races in Singapore. We are talking about comparing breast and nipple sizes of Chinese, Indians, Malays! How is that for localisation?

So technically speaking there should be no more gaps, no more leakages and it should purely be comfort and fit. Right? Well, thanks to Pigeon, I was provided with two breast pumps to review, the Electric Breast Pump Pro, and the Electric Breast Pump Portable.

Electric Breast Pump Pro, Single

bits and pieces of the Electric Pro

bits and pieces of the Electric Pro


The pump comes with a milk bottle, breast flanges with a Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion in two difference sizes (Regular & Large), a stand, a storage disc, a valve, a suction valve, the funnel, suction tube and the pump motor.

What made the silicone cushion covering the breast flanges different from the others that I have reviewed was that it was designed to be air-tight and mould easily to any breast, regardless of whether it is soft or engorged. I’ve experienced a leaky one, and each time I removed the flange, precious milk would have dripped onto my pants. Grr. Using this, it has lived up to the air-tight claim, with no leakage. It was thin and yet soft enough without being filmsy. It locking itself around the edges of the plastic flange also meant it would not get loose easily.


The Electric Pro has a 2-min let-down phase in two settings, a slow suction, or a quick suction. The option allows you to select what best mimics your child’s sucking pattern. Following that, you would then set your suction and speed settings.

The Electric Pro boasts of 28 suction & speed settings. 28! That was what lured me to it. With the previous pumps I have used, with a stronger suction, the speed of the suction slows down audibly. Yes, audibly. It sounds like it is straining the motor. But with the Electric Pro, there are 7 levels of suction, with 4 speed settings. So you could have a low suction but with a high speed, or a high suction, high speed. It makes everything so much easier to remember. I’ve used one with a dial and between turning the dial for let-down phase and then trying to remember the regular expression was somewhat enough to drive me a little bonkers.

LED Screen and you never have to set your phone or watch the clock again.

LED Screen and you never have to set your phone or watch the clock again.

This is another deal breaker for me. I understand that there are pumps out there with an LED screen that shows the pump duration. But hey, suah-ku me doesn’t even know there is such a thing until I came across this pump! I never have to clock-watch again. Urgh. Not when I am sleep deprived and barely functioning in the middle of the night.

The next deal breaker. VERY important. The noise. Oh my. This is the part where I say, what noise?? My cooker hood is nosier than it. That is how silent it is. Heck, even my boiling kettle is nosier than it.

Usage wise, the assembly of the parts is pretty straight forward. Attach suction tube onto funnel, attach breast flange with silicone cushion, attach valve onto funnel, screw bottle on and we’re good to go. 2-min let-down phase and then feel free to adjust your settings to your liking. If you feel that you do not need 2 mins for let-down, you can go straight to the regular pump settings. The only downside that I can think of is that the pump does not remember your last settings, so you would have to reset it every time that you use it.

Comfort level. The silicone cushion is gentle against the breast and there is sufficient room in the flange for the nipple as well. There isn’t a necessity to press the flange hard against the breast to form that seal. It was just a matter of holding the flange there. The silicone cushion will do its work to form that seal.

Electric Breast Pump Portable

During the workshop, we were allowed to fiddle around with the range of breast pumps. When it was my turn to fiddle around with the portable electric pump, I was like, huh? is that it?.

All there is to the Electric Portable!

All there is to the Electric Portable!


Again, comparing to those that I have come across and reviewed, portable would mean pretty much bringing the whole pump motor plus tube plus pump parts and it running on batteries or the adaptor. What makes this portable electric is that the motor sits on the funnel, meaning no tubes and you are taking less parts around!


bits and pieces of the Electric Portable

bits and pieces of the Electric Portable

Like the Electric Pro, the Electric Portable comes witha milk bottle, breast flanges with a Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion in two difference sizes (Regular & Large), a stand, a storage disc, a valve, a suction valve, the funnel and the pump motor.


Now this is what being compact means. It is more than a manual pump and is way more portable than any of the other portable pumps around. The best of both worlds. You can hold everything in one hand. No dangly fiddly bits.

Taking it up another notch, this portable pump also has a let down phase and up to 6 suction settings. Unfortunately, the speed is compromised compared to the Pro (i.e., stronger suction, slower speed) but hey, I am happy with this on the whole. Due to the compact size of it, something sure has to give.

I was able to test it out last week when QT had to be fasted for a scan at KKH. It was so easy to throw everything into the diaper bag! In fact, I could just have it assemble ready in one whole piece and take the whole thing out when I need it. No need to fiddle around with wires and tubes. Put the storage lid in a small bag and you are set to go for storage as well. And just to give you an idea of what a delight it is to bring it out, I’ve compared the weight of all portable pumps I have at hand: the Medela Swing (with batteries), the Unimom Manual Pump, and the Pigeon Electric Portable.

L-R: Unimom Manual, Medela Swing, Pigeon Electric Portable

L-R: Unimom Manual, Medela Swing, Pigeon Electric Portable

And this is if you brought it out without the batteries and with the power adaptor:

L-R: Medela Swing, Pigeon Electric Portable

L-R: Medela Swing, Pigeon Electric Portable

I think it is pretty much a no brainer when it comes to weight isn’t it? Every single bit of the weight counts when you are carrying that heavy diaper bag full of wipes, diapers and that heavy flask of hot water.

Overall, both pumps have been a breeze to use. Again, my favourite feature of the Electric Pro has to be the multiple levels of suction & speed, and the Electric Portable, the compactness of the pump. The other good thing about these range of pumps is that the parts are standard (funnel, valve, suction valve, bottle, breast flanges), with only the pump motors different. So if you decide to ever get two sets of pumps, the parts can be used interchangeably.


Can I use a microwave steriliser to sterilise the parts?
Yes, the parts are microwave safe. I have used the Tommee Tippee Microwave Steriliser to sterilise the parts (on high for 4 mins) and none of them have warped. 

Where can I find Pigeon’s latest range of breast pumps?
Pigeon’s latest range of breast pumps can be found at all major departmental stores and baby speciality stores.

How much are the breast pumps?
The Electric Breast Pump Pro is retailing for S$279; the Electric Breast Pump Portable for S$159. Pigeon also has a manual breast pump retailing for S$79.90.

Are the parts to the breast pumps replaceable and where can I find the parts?

You can replace the parts at Pigeon (Singapore) located at Cityneon Design Centre, 84 Genting Lane #04-07 S349584. All pumps come with a standard 1 year warranty

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of the Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro from Pigeon and paid for the Electric Breast Pump Portable to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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25 comments on “Review: Pigeon’s New Range of Breast Pumps

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  2. Hi, I am a first time mummy (EDD in Sep 2015) and unsure which model/brand of breast pump is best of value for me. Was recommended Medela by my friend but my husband is caught back by its pricing. So he asked me to do more research before buying. Then I found your blog reviews. 🙂
    Can I ask which will you recommend? Consider that I need it to be portable when I go back to work. Many thanks!

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your pregnancy!

      Please be aware that the advice I’m offering will be based on the pumps that I have tried. =) I did start off with the Medela Swing but gradually had the opportunity to progress on and try newer pumps.

      As you will be going back to work, I would suggest getting a double pump on the basis that it will cut down a lot of time pumping. However it may also mean investing in a hands free bra (may be uncomfortable if worn for long hours) unless you are find holding on to two bottles for at least 30mins to pump. If not, maybe a single pump may be better? So decide which one you would want to consider first.

      For double pumps, I have tried the Unimom Forte and a modified Medela Swing (convert single to double). I am currently testing the Tollyjoy Double Electric so you can check back in two weeks time on my review. Or email me then and I will give you a comparison.

      For single pumps, I have tried the Medela Swing, Tommee Tippee Single Electric and Pigeon Electric Pro. As you will be pumping at work, I probably will not recommend the Pigeon Portable. I will however recommend the Pigeon Electric Pro based on the price and the features. The Medela Swing retails at $299, whereas the Pigeon Pro retails at $279. The Pigeon has a better value in terms of two sizes for the flanges is provided, has a LED screen to show pump timings, 28 levels of settings and has a silicone breastshield which is more comfortable for the breast. It is also very quiet! In terms of expressing, I find expressing using the Pigeon to be more comfortable and comparable to the Medela.

      Hope this gives an idea of where to start in your pump search!

  3. Hi, read both your review on tollyjoy breast pumps and pigeon’s. So these 2 brands, which one would u recommend ? In terms of usage, as I will be continue to pump after I got back to work. Thank you.

    • Hi Bell!

      Again, it really depends on your work and how frequently you need to pump. I would naturally assume that you would want to spend less time pumping, so a double pump will probably be good to use compared to a single pump. If you are thinking about using the pump to assist in increasing supply,I would probably think the Pigeon does a better job. Hope the info helps!

  4. I’m thinking of getting the electric portable. I don’t plan to use often as I am tbf, only when I need to go out run errands, ie dentist, grocery shopping, movie dates hubby. But it is important for me to buy one with good suction. So from ur point of view the pigeon portable suction is comparable with which other brands?

    • Hi Sue!

      If you are looking at good suction, the medela swing will probably be better. The Pigeon Portable is more for on the go, a quick express (won’t fully empty the boobs but just enough for boobs to be soft). The Pigeon Portable will be really good if you are looking for something compact to carry around without any tubes, just bottle & motor only.

  5. I am planning to bottle feed my baby when I begin work in a few months( baby will be 6 months then) but I would like to breast feed him when I am home. I was wondering between the pigeon pro and tommee tippee electronic breast pump what the pros and cons are and which you would recommend for a single breast pump? Also , if I should decided to invest in a double pump what is your opinion on the Unimom double breast pump? or would you refer me to a different pump to check out? The mendela pump is not something we can fit into our budget so aside from the mendela, hopefully you can share you opinion on other pumps. Thanks!!

    • Hi Alixyveth!

      Hmm if you are looking at the single pumps, I am actually all for the Pigeon Electric, purely on the basis that there are so many pump levels to work with and finding a level that would best suit your needs. In terms of comfort level, both the Pigeon and Tommee Tippee is the same.

      As for the Unimom, I loved it that it is so quiet and comfortable. Again, as I was not an exclusive pumping mum, I know that there are moms who are looking at pump efficiency. Personally, it has worked really well for me and managed to empty out my breasts. Again, it is fairly affordable as well, compared to a Medela. If you are looking for pump efficiency, I have read that the Spectra is pretty good as a double pump compared to the Unimom Forte.

      Hope the info helps!

  6. Hi. I’ve read your review regarding the breast pumps. For my 2 babies i have been using the tollyjoy portable battery operated pump (its the purple and white motor attached to it). I find that its affordable and easy to use. Futhermore, once i start working, pumping will be quite a hassle due to my working environment.
    anyways, recently i went to look for that same pump again (i’m expecting my 3rd anytime soon) but i couldn’t find the same design. From your experience and reviews, could you advise me on some of the battery, portable pumps? Thanks

    • Hey Ayu!

      Hmm, if you are looking for super portable, I would say of all the portable pumps I tried, the Pigeon Portable would have to be the most compact. It is similar to the Tollyjoy Portable pump and uses batteries. So fiddly dangly tubes. However, if you are looking for something that has better pump efficiently, I would then say the Medela Swing does a better expression than the Pigeon Portable. So again, depends on your needs and budget (Pigeon is cheaper than Medela!)

  7. Hi, I’m trying to decide between the Tommee Tippee single electric & Pigeon portable. I will be using it to pump while at work. I usually pump 2x at work. Which would you recommend in terms of overall performance weighing the pros and cons of each pump? Pls help! Im so undecided and want my money’s worth for the pump I will buy. Thanks!

    • Hi! In terms of pumping efficiency, I do find them to be both similar. So it would boil down to portability next. The Pigeon Portable wld definitely be way more compact and easier to cart around. No tubes or motor (motor sits on top of bottle).

      Hope it helps!

      • I did buy the Pigeon Portable and have been using it since Monday! I love it! It’s super easy to use. So easy to carry around and set-up. It’s faster and more efficient than the manual pump. My only problem was the size of the flange. Even the regular one is too big for me so I had to use the flange from my manual pump. Good thing they’re compatible. Thank you so much for blogging about it. It really helped me make my decision. 🙂

  8. Can I operate the Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump with Adaptor while the Alkaline Battery still inside the motor?
    Or I should take out first the Alkaline Battery before ?

    • hi Harry, sorry for the late reply!

      I reckon you should take the alkaline battery out first ,because a charge might still go through. You don’t want the normal alkaline batteries screwing up in the pump. A bit of a hassle, but yeah.

  9. Hi! I just learned about the Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump today when my husband and I went to a mall. I am contemplating if I need to buy a Philips Avent manual b.pump or the Pigeon Portable which is 3x the price of Avent manual. I will be going back to work 60 calendar days after work and I’m afraid that using Avent manual will take so much of my time considering that I have to leave work at 5:30am and get home by 6:30pm or 7pm. I might also need help when my supply is running low. Please help me decide. Thanks much!

    • Hi Kristine!

      I haven’t used an Avent manual before but I have used a manual pump before. So this is what I can tell you:

      1) a manual pump is tiring. And depending on how quickly you get a let-down, it can take a while. But it can work as well as the Pigeon Portable. I have used a Unimom manual pump and it worked well for me. I can stop and put it down whenever. No fuss, it stops when your hand stops. And because it is manual, you can decide how quickly you want to pump to trigger let down (press longer, so drawing more milk out, or short pumps to simulate fast suckling). The speed is controlled by you as well. The parts may be a little more chunky and there may be more parts to handle.

      2) the Pigeon portable means that you don’t have to do anything. You will occasionally need two hands to adjust the settings. There is a let-down phase and about 4 speeds to work with, all which needs to be manually adjusted using a dial. It works well on battery or if you have a socket nearby, you can plug it in and pump, so your hands are not too tired apart from holding the pump. It is also compact, the parts can easily fit into a small pouch and there are lesser parts to wash. The speed is controlled by the pump, so if you need a longer suction, this may not work for you.

      If you already have an existing pump, play around with it and see what works best for you (ie. speed and suction). Hope the info helps!

  10. Hi, I’m also considering the Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump while I’m on the go. Just wondering whether it pumps as quietly as the Electric Breast Pump Pro? Thanks!

    • It is not as quiet as the Pro but it’s not like those pumps that vibrates/drones ridiculously loudly. It may be audible in a quiet room. But if I were to compare the sound of it over the sound of kettle boiling, kettle boiling still louder. hehe

  11. Hi, could you please tell me whether the pro version or the portable one has more suction power. I dnt have much milk when i express manually. Thnx for d review!

    • Hi Meera,

      sorry about the late reply! I find that the pro is able to empty my breasts better than the portable one. Gotta understand that the portable is compact so there is only so much suction it can do. The portable is good for a quick pump outside when you are on the go tho!

  12. Which pump is more efficient with regards to total time required and quantity of milk obtained medela swing or pigeon electric. ?

    • Hi Rosemary!

      Sorry for the late reply! Hmm..Okay, I really liked the fact that I could modify the Swing into a double pump cheaply. Did it affect the efficiency? I couldn’t tell the diff when it was working as a double pump. But if I were to compare it between the Swing and Pigeon Electric as a single pump, I did find the electric more efficient, probably cos it was just more comfortable? I didn’t find the need to wait for the pump session to end. Hehe. Hope the info helps!

  13. many times a day can you use the pigeon electric pump pro? I learned that the Spectra pumps can be used up to 5 times a day..just curious about the pigeon..