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opening ceremony

opening ceremony

Parcels get the kids excited. More so for Ollie. I mean, who doesn’t love presents? A few weeks ago, I spoke with the founder of Pout Care, Ivena, and agreed to review a range of hair care products for kids.

What is Pout Care?

Pout Care is a range of natural hair care products for kids, manufactured in Australia (chosen for its high standards in manufacturing AND emphasis on the sustainability of the environment) The range was specially developed specially for kids and formulated in a ISO-certified lab with no animal product or testing! So hair care with a conscience! Definitely a tick for me. =)

Ivena has been in the hair care business for a really long time. And it was through her experience in the hair care industry, where she has seen brands come and go, that she decided that she wanted to develop her own range of children hair care products. One that would appeal to both kids (packaging) and parents (ingredients). If you have had screaming toddlers or kids who absolutely hate washing their hair, this might be it for you.

You can now get your child involved in the selection process!

what do you want to be?

what do you want to be?

Seven characters. Seven poems. Seven adventures. How cute is that!

So what did Pout Care send us?

Huckleberry Sorbet Natural Hair Wax 

hair wax 2

When we first received it, I obviously went for the first product that I could try on the stop. The hair wax! Ollie has mentioned before that he wanted to wax his hair like Daddy Ting, but we didn’t allow it as it was adult hair wax and it would be a PAIN to wash it off. FML. I had used that rubber matte wax that Donald uses and it leaves a really urky residue behind.

Holding his prized possession

Holding his prized possession

Firstly, it smells awesome. I have NO idea what huckleberry smells like, but I like it! The consistency of the hair wax is a lot more fluid than hair wax. Call it liquid wax if you must. And a little does goes a long way. Rub a little between my palms and run it through Ollie’s hair. To be honest, I was a little hesitant. It did feel like wet wax and I was wondering how it was going to wash off later.

hair wax 3



He looks so different with waxed hair! Err neater if I might say so haha. Okay, shortly before photos were taken, I quickly went to wash my hands. All ready for the copious amount of hand soap required to remove residual hairwax off my hands.

hair wax 4

But no leh. It washed off so easily with water. Which mean washing it off the kids’ hair would be a breeze! No extra scrubbing required. But hey, just because it comes off easy with water, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t hold up. Ollie loved it so much we were waxing his hair to school. -_-” Applied it around 10.15am, came home at 2pm it was still intact except it was ‘re-styled’ by himself. *roll eyes* Wave was in different direction haha. Dunno who he was showing off his hair wax to.

Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo


(sorry, no nekkid kid photos) Used this Ollie and his hair smelt awesome after that. And the morning after. And after school, despite his sweaty hair. It wasn’t the sweet saccherine scent. It was a nice gummy scent.


As for how the shampoo felt on his hair whilst using it, and after. The shampoo is SLS free, which means don’t expect a headful of lather. It does lather up, just not a lot, which is fine by me! Cos 4 year olds just don’t have the patience to stand still and let me rinse of shitloads of foam.

Ollie has fine hair. There was not much difference in texture in his hair, so as long as it doesn’t dry his hair, it’s good.

And guess what? It is sorta tear-free. Why sorta? It doesn’t contain a tear-free agent. But it is gentle enough to not cause discomfort to the eyes in the event it does get in. So no screaming so far! (Ollie has a tendency to be dramatic and generous with exclamations of ‘MY EYES!! MY EYES!!’)

Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo


Ivena was kind enough to include this one for me. Scent wise, I was a little dubious. It smelt nowhere like the typical strawberry I was expecting. However, upon reading the ingredients, I found out that it also contained vanilla caramel, sage, comfrey and parsley. The scent wasn’t bad, it just took a while to get used to the non-typical strawberry scent.


What fragrance aside, what I loved about this shampoo was how it felt on my hair whilst washing. You know how it feels when the hairstylist is washing your hair at the salon? Especially after they have conditioned your hair? It feels that way to me. I have dry and damaged hair, so I can feel the coarse hair when I use my regular shampoo. But when I was using Pout Care, it felt so luxurious when I was washing my hair! Not enough lather, but yet enough to feel that way? Wah..quite shiok leh. But sad to say, the moiturising content wasn’t enough for my dry and damaged hair. Shiok enough during shower, not shiok enough after shower.

Okay..obviously that is why it’s for kids. Sigh. Just gentle and moisturising enough for their locks.

Sucks to be an adult. *sulks*

Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner

green apple 1

Now this one smelt apple-y. I used it more on myself than the kids oops. I did find that it toned down my hair a lot more after application. It felt really nice to be able to run my hand through my hair without that coarse feeling. I honestly felt that my hair was a lot smoother with the conditioner. And as with conditioners, it added more volume to my hair. Haha. It was great, seriously!!

green apple 2

Overall, I really like the product. It’s created for kids from 2 yrs and above (hey, adults can use it too!). I like the principle behind it, I loved the way Ivena thought about how she wanted to create this range, and I love the fact that it is making hair washing so fun for kids. All this on top of the fact that the ingredients are all natural and plant based.

Now, best part of the review for you guys? Giveaway time! 

Ivena has kindly sponsored two gift sets, one for boys and one for girls, for me to giveaway to my readers. The gift set for boys will contain a shampoo, conditioner & hair wax; whilst the gift set for girls will contain a shampoo, conditioner & hair detangler. All you need to do is:

  1. Like Pout Care on Facebook
  2. Like Just Some Tings on Facebook
  3. Tell me which character from Pout Care is your child most like in the comments section below (state the gender & age of your child too!)
  4. Contest ends 4th May 2016, 2359hrs and winners will be notified by 6th May 2016. Winners will be selected at random!

pout Care is currently available in specialty stores in Singapore, such as 1010 Mother & Child, Mom Essentials, Ocean Paradise and Liferacer.  The range is also available in family salons Scissors Paper Stone, Little Red Dot and Back to Basic.  Alternatively, parents can shop at pout’s online store .  For more information about pout Care, please visit: .

Disclaimer: I received a full-sized sample of the above-mentioned products to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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  1. My boy, Jay is turning 2 on 1st May and I ask him to choose a character he point to me the Knight and say Blue~~ Hope to win the boy set n let my boy try it out~ Especially interested with the hair wax!

  2. Both my 4 year old and 2 year old girls have chosen the pink princess as her favourite character. Dreamy and fairytale-like definitely a girl’s favourite.Looking forward to try the hair detangler for my girls long locks of hair 🙂

    • Congrats! You have won for yourself a set of hair care products from Pout Care! Email me at with the following details:

      Full name
      Contact number

      Thank you for participating!

      • Hi, I’ve replied your email. Hope you have received it. 🙂

  3. Huckleberry sorbet ~ would love to style my 2yo son hair as I would never buy unnatural hair wax for my baby!
    Strawberry magic as my 4yo daughter loves anything unicorn

  4. my girl is 5 and she love anything pink and princessy and the princess in pink would be her choice and mine. And so needing a detangler as she has long locks which she refuse to cut short!