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this is for you breastfeeding mamas! Obviously I got on the bra tops bandwagon late when I was still nursing Sarah and only came to know about them after I was weaning Sarah. But here I am to rave about @bovesingapore ‘s bamboo built-in bra nursing tops!

I have literally lived in nursing tops for almost 6 years of motherhood, with a couple of mths breaks in between. I call them my uniform. You pretty much see them in most of my photos except for special occasions when I want to 扮美美. Simi 美美, wth. I’m a fashion idiot.

By the time it got to Alex, let’s say the tops look damn cui after having lasted me for so many years. I was also reluctant to buy new ones cos I felt they were only for nursing. With 4 kids, I move around a lot and I wanted tops that could offer more than just using them for nursing. Priorties were comfort, ease of wear and well, had to be camisoles. Ain’t got time for zips and what not. Just dig and scoop boob out to feed and flop/stuff back in again.

Cotton built in bra nursing camisoles from Spring Maternity

Bove had kindly sent me a couple of tops and bottoms to try out, both suitable for pregnancy and post-delivery. And one of them included their cotton built in bra nursing tops. I was quite mind-blown. Nursing camisole with built in bra?? I never have to wear a nursing bra out again! I felt they offered more support than the Airism ones from Uniqlo which I was still wearing (and outgrowing wth). The Airsm support band felt really tight during my pregnancy and there was also limited sizing for the tops. The Spring Maternity camisoles were also clip down nursing tops, my favourite! Why? Cos I only need ONE hand to unclip, flip down and nurse, then clip it back. Very very easy to use.

Same camisole post pregnancy

They also sent me bamboo maternity tights and shorts. Those are diviiiiine! I get sweaty thighs during my pregnancy and the cotton yoga pants I own do heat my legs up abit and aggravate my eczema. No thigh gap also meant I would get chafed skin whilst walking too! So these bamboo ones are a lifesaver. Lightweight, soft and cooling. I think I wore them as much as I could as I went around.

Then I discovered Bove carried BAMBOO bra top camisoles. SOLD! I made a trip after I delivered to buy 5 of those, and got more bamboo leggings and shorts. I own a bamboo Spring Maternity tank top and I love it to bits. It is perfect for cycling with the kids, and it absorbs moisture really well and dries off quickly. I know dri-fit tops do the same but I don’t like the texture of the fabric. Bamboo cotton is different! So soft and plush mmMm.

More camisole colours!

The range of colours are pretty good! I used a peach coloured camisole for a wedding…

Bamboo bra top nursing camisole Spring Maternity

and a trip to the zoo haha. It is very versatile.

Nursing at the zoo

One major major bonus in my books: these bra cups absorb milk very very well. I am still somewhat early in my nursing days and constantly get milk letdowns with each nursing. I wore the peach camisole for around 5 hours and possibly had 3-4 letdowns. Given any other nursing top n separate bra combo, it would have leaked through. These bra top camisoles absorbed the milk really well and didn’t soak through! So no bra and no nursing pads. Double win!

Another point was the coverage the top offered. It is Daddy Ting approved. I was nursing commando when I had Sarah. Nursing covers were too fiddly when I have to deal with 2 running boys. These tops offered more coverage than the clip down nursing top n nursing bra combo.

Not much peekaboob-ing!

The inner lining covered parts of the boob that wasn’t needed! So unless someone really DAMN kaypoh, they should think I am just cradling my baby and not nursing. Hahah.

If you haven’t discovered these bamboo nursing bra tops yet, you need to go try them out at Bove! They retail for $36.90 but at that price, you are saving up on buying bras and nursing pads. Remember to sign up for Bove membership to get membership discounts and points accumulation too!

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