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So, Donald has an office gathering later this month, and I have been tasked to make a very interesting combo of ice cream as a “thank you” for his colleagues voting for me for a competition. And the flavour is…

chocolate chip cookie dough chocolate banana happy hippo biscuit ice cream.

I am not going to think about how that is going to taste like. LOL. But I will try to make it.

We bought the Taurus ice cream maker back in April on a whim, and since then we have made a fair bit of ice cream with it: chocolate malt ice cream with Oreo cookies, mango ice cream, strawberry swirl ice cream, cheesecake ice cream and vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.

How has it been so far? Brilliant. I really think it was a machine worth it’s value.

Firstly, I do not have to freeze a bowl before I churn the ice cream which some ice cream makers require. I am quite a scatterbrain sometimes, so eliminating that need helps alot.

Secondly, there is a timer and I don’t have to check on the ice cream. Just pour in the liquid and wait. The default timing is 60 mins, and if you feel that it is not hard enough, you can continue churning it. I have had a couple of instances where the ice cream had already semi solidified, and some instances where it was still in a very vicous liquid state. Both times I did not have to worry about ice crystals forming in the ice cream. It was still very smooth.

Thirdly, it is very easy to wash with its non-stick surface in the bucket.

If I have a complaint about it, it is the small opening to pour the ice cream mix into the bucket. The way it is set up is that it requires you to put the bucket in, then the mixing paddle, the lid and the motor sits on the lid with a prong that goes into the mixing paddle (think food processor layout except the motor is on top). So I could very possibly pour in the mix first before putting everything else in, but I thought that would be quite messy for some reason, like if you have to take out the mixing paddle it would be dripping with ice cream mix. I haven’t tried it yet, and I do have a nice pouring jug that doesn’t spill so I’m happy with this method for now. get on to researching on how to make theĀ chocolate chip cookie dough chocolate banana happy hippo biscuit ice cream.

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