[SC Sept’16] Daddy’s Girl

How apt that this month’s issue of Singapore’s Child would have an article about the role of a father in the parent-child relationship. Especially with the arrival of Sarah two weeks ago!

In particular, the presence of a father in the home not only improved the well-being of girls, it helps in their psychological development and even determines the kind of relationships they seek.”


After having two boys, we were totally clueless about raising a girl. Daddy Ting had always been adamant that his role only came in when the boys were older. The first years of their lives, he mostly left it up to me to handle the kids. We still co-parent, but I would be the main caregiver and would be the one to cater to the boys emotional and mental needs. With the boys, I had read the book Raising Boys by Stephen Biddulf to brace myself on bringing up the boys. The book had also mentioned that the authoritative father figure role would come into play later in their lives where they started looking for a role model to look up to.

What about girls then? Does that mean that I would be the only person catering to her needs..well, since I would be her authoritative figure? Turns out that Daddy Ting does have a huge role to play in her life. Especially in how she would view the opposite sex as she grows through the various stages of her life. Even how Daddy Ting would treat me as his wife would impact on her views about the opposite sex!

So, AHEM, Daddy Ting, if you want your daughter to find a good man, you gotta treat me better hor! =P

Having said that, we are really in the midst of figuring out how Daddy Ting will eventually play a role in Sarah’s life.

Apart from this article, this month’s issue of Singapore’s Child also covers other topics like home-schooling, helping children deal with death, and how much your baby would cost you (apparently $18k!).

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Disclaimer: tings.sg is the Digital Partner for Singapore’s Child and I received a complimentary issue of the magazine for review purposes. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible. 

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