SuperMom Oh Baby Bump! – the aftermath

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I had a mad packed weekend. And got an evil eye from the husband because I thought Singapore Turf Club was at the Grandstand. Oops. Hahah. Okay, all was forgiven cos he got fed with some good food at the event. =P

Yup, we were at the SuperMom Oh Baby Bump! event held at Singapore Turf Club (near Kranji MRT hor). It was to be a huge baby shower for all pregnant moms and I was curious to see how it was all gonna pan out at the racecourse. The dress code was English Tea Party but hahaha, being the fashion idiot I am, I turned up in shorts and err, my Havaianas. I think I walked into the wrong party, I should have been at the Hokkien Teh Party.

Anyways. Walked into an area where mummies were so dressed up!! *ashamed of own dressing* Dresses, some in heels *respect*, the hubbies dressed up too and it was a nice atmosphere. Registered myself and saw that mummies were given stickers to identify their EDD. Great idea, so that the vendors & sponsors there could easily cater to their needs!



I was starving when I got there. I spied an AIA popcorn booth, yay! 20160227_140132I think what was nice about having the event at this location was the space and the privacy. I realised that there was sorta like a little room behind the popcorn booth. It provided the agents and attendees some privacy and quiet, away from the ongoing programmes. So all very comfortable!

Some of the vendors and sponsors who were at the event! It was really nice to be able to try some of the products available there. There was even heavily discounted manicure & pedicure services ($38 only!) for the mummies to pamper themselves at the event. I mean..wah lao, have you tried cutting your toenails whilst you have a huge belly in front of you??


I finally had a chance to try out the premium skincare range from Pigeon Singapore! I had seen it around in Guardian and was curious about it, especially when the skincare range is developed to mimic the natural coat of protection found on baby’s skin in the womb. It smelt really nice! Scored a sample from them and will be giving it a shot on QT when his skin reacts again.

Pigeon Singapore with their new range of premium skincare products!

Pigeon Singapore with their new range of premium skincare products

The other highlight of my afternoon had to be the food. Sorry lar, I was starving. The popcorn didn’t cut it. Eelyn from SuperMom and I had an in depth discussion about popcorn. Haha. Sorry AIA, your popcorn didn’t make the cut. But your agents are awesome for standing in to cook and provide the popcorn! =) The food that got my attention was…

Confinement food from Chilli Padi

Confinement food from Chilli Padi

I know right. I have NEVER taken confinement food before. Seriously. None of that kidney liver stirfry or longan tea or whatnots. But this..this soup was so yummy!! okay maybe cause I was freezing and hungry but it was still tasty! I didn’t even feel thirsty after drinking it. It really hit the spot.

And then hor…the catering for high-tea from Chilli Api came. *licks lips*

Good grief, I love the dry mee siam. It was just the right amount of wetness to it. The glutinous rice was nice too, moist. And not very peppery or salty like some. Some may find it bland, but I thought it was just right. The charcoal chocolate cake was too cute with their icing decoration! I was a happy girl after all that food. And so was the hubby for accompanying me. haha.

Obviously the event wasn’t all about food lah. Hehe there were sharings from speakers from Mt Alvernia Hospital, contests where I saw a couple won a stroller, and later saw a husband sticking stickers on his wife’s belly for the Cutest Belly contest. It was such an intimate moment but so cute lah, the two of them.

Last but not the least, the awesome goodie bags! Err, there was a really yummy goodie bag from Sweetest Moments and we devoured that at the picnic later that evening, so paiseh ah, no photos. But I can at least show you what was in the other goodie bag!


No shit. It was really a good goodie bag. Dunno where to start from.

But thanks for the invite, SuperMom! I had a great time at your event!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of tickets to the SuperMom Oh Baby Bump! event. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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  1. I’m loving it and so happy to be at the event. Looking forward for more event like this in future.