14 Valentine’s later

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14 Valentine’s

Dear you,

you would wonder what the fuss about this watch is. But bebe, this is now more than a watch. This is you telling me that I matter.

Of course you matter to me! How can you say that you don’t matter to me?’ I could almost hear that indignant exclamation.

When you asked me the all important question of whether I liked you that fateful 17th April, I was secretly grinning whilst chastising you to ask me again when you were not drunk. I was at the point where I felt I was mature enough to handle a decent relationship after a slew of disastrous ones before.

You meant a lot to me.

There was the romancing, surprises and then a lot of practicality and logic came in as we continued our relationship for the next 4 years, then 10 and then now 14 years, with 4 fabulous kids. We have an awesome relationship, we do. And I am thankful for that. You have supported me and taken care of me in many ways.

Well, except the secret girly part of me.

Amidst the practicality, there was the girl in me who yearned for flowers, surprises and little notes. But I struggled with the practicality aspect cos flowers don’t last and they are a waste of money; surprises are hard to come up with and we are mostly tired; and you just don’t do notes. Most times, I’d give myself a mental slap and say..come on, you don’t need this lor. But I secretly wanted to feel special, like more than normal days, can? Like someone was doing something special for me. Especially on 14th Feb, no matter how commercialised it is hahah. Like surprise me dammit!

But practical lor. Cos priorities hor? Laundry has got top priority in my life okay. No food never mind cos can tabao. BUT THE KIDS CANNOT BE WITHOUT UNIFORM. WTH.

Moments like you telling me to sleep my pregnancy cravings off (‘just sleep, it’ll be morning soon and you’ll forget about it’). WHO SAID BEING PREGNANT IS QUEEN HAR?? hahaha. But okay la, you made up for that this latest pregnancy by going out to buy me hokkien me at 10.30pm.

Or I see something that I thought I might want to get, but I’d get less than positive comments about it and it would totally kill my mood. Not you buy for me summore, is ownself want to buy for ownself (albeit using ah lau’s salary). End up being killjoy.

Cos practical lor. It is not life and death. Adulting SUCKS. hahaha. Didn’t help that these days I felt more like a mom than ever. My life revolves around laundry, meals, household chores, keeping the kids alive and getting them into bed on time so I don’t have to deal with cranky kids. Family time is around 1 hour before you put the kids to bed and when they are asleep, it is mostly work time.

But the ones that made its way to my heart, the most precious and memorable surprises that get me grinning each time I think of it:

the first birthday gift, you recording yourself singing happy birthday at places we hang out at in Tasmania (circa 2005)

…you secretly buying the engagement ring that I wanted on the pretext of heading to the toilet (circa 2009)

…how you had planned to propose with said ring (circa 2009)

….a replica of our wedding bouquet in Perth for our 10th year paktor anniversary (actually not supposed to count cos is planned one!)

to 2019, with this watch. I had showed you what I wanted with a screenshot at 9.49am on 13th Feb, and you managed to get it before it sold out. And probably cos I was grumbling in front of the kids about how I never got what I wanted when my husband bought me gifts. #truestory I wait for 10 years leh!

I loved hearing how you went and got it, and how you had to tell R not to get the watch cos I asked her to get the black one for me from Japan. Cos you said sold out and I went and checked the story on G-shock FB page.

I wanted to beam when you handed me the box but I didn’t want to let you off easy yet. Heng I didn’t cos YOU SAID IT WAS MEIJI MELTY KISS (WTF, box similar size summore.) Then you saw me beaming, once I opened the box right. haha. It’s not just about the watch, it is about you heading out to go get it okay! It’s not the first choice but it is WAY better than first choice, cos MY AH LAU BUY ONE! kekekeke. Not ownself buy. =P

Thanks for satisfying and making this secret girly girl super happy. <3

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