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the geezer in my house turns 32 today, fast approaching midlife crisis mode.

hahaha. okay lah, I should not be mean. =P We had a simple day out; breakfast at maccas, home to chill whilst Ollie naps, coffee at Starbucks at Changi Airport T3, followed by dinner at Ashton’s at T1. I guess there comes a point where birthdays are just another day, nothing that special anymore.

Although his wasn’t that interesting, we spent the time discussing about someone else’s birthday.

turning one

Granted there is more than 2 months to go, but being people who procrastinate a fair bit, I thought we should get a headstart with whether we wanted to even throw a party. If Donald had his way, we probably wouldn’t be throwing one. *geezer alert*. =P Buuuuut momma & baby (momma speaks for the baby) wants one, so Donald loses out. bwahaha.

So we started planning, and it was probably a good thing too. We were very hands on with our wedding preparations and that took months of preparation for it, so it is no less for Ollie’s birthday. Birthday invites, goodie bags, silly games, and decor. We actually had alot of fun thinking of it. I reckon it’s gonna be pretty awesome *beams*

I can’t wait when Ollie turns 1!

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