Checking your Child’s Medisave Account balance

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Previously I wrote about using your child’s Medisave to pay for their insurance premiums. Unfortunately, QT is currently not eligible for private insurance due to his condition. Fortunately, he has got Medisave AND Medishield Life to currently cover his expenses.

Every penny saved is money saved.

Recently, we were relooking at hospitalisation cover for QT again because of his recent ultrasound results. We were exploring the option of covering QT with some exclusions. Maybe that would make insurers less nervous about covering QT. Who knows? But I was definitely gonna make sure that those premiums were paid by the Medisave Grant he has. We have used some of the $3,000 obviously. So how much of it was left?

I checked this website. I have to call CPF. -_-” Why so difficult to check the account leh??

So 1800-227-1188. You’re welcome. haha. It was there that I learnt that they will not disclose the balance to me over the phone. Okaaay. I also learnt that:

  1. After verification of your details, they will send you a form for you to request to link your child’s Medisave Account to your Singpass so that you can check it online.
  2. No, there is no other way you can find out the balance over the phone with CPF cos it is confidential (maybe at the hospitals when you are making payment?)
  3. No, the form is NOT available online, so the only way you can get the form is to call CPF and request for it.
  4. Yes, using your Singpass to access the balance is the only way you can find out the balance
  5. No, they will not send you an annual statement for your child like they do for adults.
  6. You will have to return the form to CPF with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  7. Then you wait.

Oh wells. So now I wait for the form to arrive and I will wait for the reply when I have submitted the form. Hey, whether you need to know the balance or not, I think linking it up to your Singpass just for accessibility also not a bad idea eh?

Okay, you can go bombard the CPF hotline now. Don’t say is I say hor. =P

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