Dear Oliver

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Dear Oliver,

this is hopefully the first of the many letters that I will write to you, and your siblings in the future, as you grow up to be the young man that you’ll be one day. At this moment, you are snuggled next to me in my bed, slowly waking up to a new morning.

We’ve come a long way, Oliver. Well, about 14 months to be precise. At the last developmental assessment, you weighed in at 7.020kg & measured at 62.6cm tall. This is in comparison to the 2mm you measured when I first saw you on the ultrasound, your tiny little heart beating away. At that time, we still didn’t really know what to think, what to expect when you arrive. We were new parents, and had perhaps another 30-40 years ahead of us. What do we know about child raising?

I remembered the morning when I found out that I was pregnant with you. Daddy had gone jogging that weekend, and I decided that we should try the stick again, well…just for fun. Haha. What the heck right? Daddy will tell you that Mommy spent alot of money on those sticks. *roll eyes* Well, if it weren’t for those sticks, we wouldn’t know that you existed now won’t we?? Pfffpt. Anyway, I digress. So there I was, waiting for the results, watching the little electronic hourglass on the display turning and turning for half a min before it finally showed the magic word. My heart skipped a beat, my face flushed and I panicked. Oh shit was the first thing that came to mind.

Ayep. Oh shit. 

So since Daddy wasn’t around, I called Aunty Avi, who I believe was in the midst of washing some dishes and told her. I remembered rambling alot about not sure if I did the test right, or I was reading it wrong..etc., and I remembered her saying I’d need to see a doctor to confirm it. The oh shit then became oh wow. I will never forget the look on your dad’s sweaty face when he stepped into the room and I told him the news. Hah.

What will the look be on your face when your future wife tells you the news, dear Oliver? *grin*

Carrying you had not been easy too. There were so many ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. We found out that you were fell the category of being a high risk Down Syndrome baby after a blood test, and an amniocentisis had to be done to confirm the results. I don’t know if you heard it, but Daddy had a pep talk with you about staying still so that the doctor could draw out the fluid safely without a scratch on you. I cried at work when I got the results from the hospital that the results were negative, and that you were a boy.

And then later into the pregnancy, I had to stop feeding you pancakes from McDonald’s because the syrup was causing my blood sugar to go up waaaay too high and cos you were getting bigger! (not that that’s a really bad thing). We also found out that I was a Group Strep B carrier, which meant I had to be on antibiotics when I delivered you so that you would be safe from the bacteria.

Aiii…what a roller coaster ride.

And…you were late. Daddy reckoned that you were so comfy staying inside (probably because of all the junk food you were getting), that you didn’t want to come out. I didn’t get to enjoy any reunion dinner, and it was only the three of us on the eve of the lunar new year, together with Marcus & Thomas. The night before you were born, Daddy decided to fix the handmade mobile onto your cot so that you would have nice CareBears to look at when you sleep in your cot. The same CareBears which we got from Japan throughout our honeymoon. I don’t think we got much sleep that night, I know I didn’t.

When you were born, I couldn’t stop staring at you. You had your eyes really wide open, and I couldn’t wait to start playing with you that very night. I was running on adrenalin (and will learn about that one day) and I wanted you all by myself that night. Well, of course Daddy could play with you too. We couldn’t believe that you were..well, here. This little tiny being that belongs to us, that will come to trust and depend on us. This little tiny being that both Daddy & I will want to protect and shelter for the rest of our lives.

It has been many firsts since your arrival, Oliver Ting. Your first bath at home (oh the deafening shrieking!), your first smile, your first babble, and your first turn, with many more firsts to come in your life. I hope that throughout our lives together, you will know that both your Daddy and I will always be there for you not only for the good times, but also for your first tears and first heartbreak. Both of us are only humans, but we will try to be the best parents to you.

Happy first quarter of your life, Oliver.


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