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above: teething rail cover; below: the end user

It has a tiring two weeks.

Since we moved Ollie’s play yard to my parents’ place, Ollie & I have been shuttling between their place and I every morning. My parents’ live close enough for us to walk over so we take about a 20 – 30 min walk there, depending on whether we need to buy groceries on the way.

The first couple of days were fine. Put Ollie in the baby carrier and carry him in front, diaper bag on the shoulder and a miscellaneous bag. I think by the third day, I had to rethink my strategy. Lugging 9kg++ every morning for at least 20 mins and includes climbing stairs to cross an overhead bridge was exhausting!!

I started getting used to moving to carrying him behind, which made the weight more bearable and left me with more space to manoeuvre stuff in front of me. Definitely made bringing the stroller up the bus ALOT easier.

On days when we were heading out, I would not go to my parents’ place and instead place Ollie in the cot, we would stay in the bedroom until it was time for us to go out. The monster had been chewing on the teething rail ever since his top two teeth came out. I only realized recently that he had been using his bottom two teeth to scrap against the uncovered portion of the teething rail and paint had come off!

Cue searching online for teething rail covers and shopping trips included the search for rail covers to no avail.

There were some sold on Amazon, but I wasn’t keen on waiting for 2 weeks for delivery. And then…I found this site Babyrabies. She made it so simple! So many thoughts were running through my head, Ikea, Spotlight, seamstress. I finally decided on Ikea after checking out the textils available on their website. This is what I bought:

1 ream of TORVA GRÖNSAK vegetable print fabric (S$11.90)
2 SKYDDA LÄTT pillow protectors (quilted, S$3.90 each)

1 pillow protector was enough to make 3 rail covers if I wanted. The entire project only cost me less than S$15, and I only used 0.5m out of the entire ream of 3m fabric! On top of that, I got a free lesson from Grandma about handling fabric and using the sewing machine. She is awesome. No rulers, no markers. Just her hands and the antique sewing machine. It took me 2 hours to measure and tack one rail cover. She probably would take 30 mins. haha.

Welp, weekend project all sorted out, and Ollie’s happy to chew on the padded rail cover, and I’m happy that he is not eating paint for breakfast.

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