the other half

our world revolves around the little one so much that sometimes it is easy for us to forget about the other half.

this post is inspired by watching Donald carrying Oliver out of the play yard, through the glass panel separating the living room and the kitchen on a balmy, hazy Thursday evening.

7.5 years ago, I would not have imagined this scenario that I see today. Prepping dinner at 5pm, chopping the vegetables on the counter top facing Ollie, Donald comes back from at about 6pm. He then plays with Ollie till dinner is ready, and he feeds Ollie his dinner, followed by having his own dinner. I sort out Ollie’s dessert so that Donald can eat his dinner in peace. Donald takes over and continues playing with Ollie till it is time for his bath at 8pm. Their time ends after Donald has given Ollie his bath.

7.5 years ago, I was debating if I should hook up with this guy because I would be graduating soon and leaving Tasmania, whereas he had another 1.5 years of studying to go. I wasn’t in for a long distance relationship.

Who would have thought that now, we would have been together for 7.5 years, married for 3 with an 8-month-old baby boy.

Photo by White Tulip Photography

now this man of mine is one who:

– threw stones at my window to get my attention;
– allowed me to adopt not 1 but 2 kittens;
– allowed me to ship both cats back to Singapore;
– makes some crazy mad-ass surprises for me;
– got away with only giving me 1 bouquet of flowers ever;
– nearly fell asleep counting for me whilst I was in labour;
– supported my decision to stay home and look after Ollie; and
– in my opinion is an awesome husband and father.

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, bebe. =)

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