when He pulls a fast one

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so earlier this year, this happened. We got pregnant. It was a ‘YAY’-y thing. We had been contemplating for a while cos of QT’s condition. We had a really decent ultrasound result last Dec, and thought, okay, we could give the 3rd kid a try. It was a topic we revisited many times before we decided that we will go ahead with trying for #3.

Finances is an issue. I thought really hard about how badly I wanted another kid. It wasn’t something that I could regret now and then have one maybe 5 years later. So off we went, and hit jackpot on first try.

In Daddy Ting’s words, ‘got so heng or not?’ I was thinking the exact same thing. Because we still had cheapy pregnancy test kits lying around (like 8 of them!), we tested every day just cause we could. Just cause we wanted to make sure for as long as we could. Just in case..you know. It was about 3 weeks till our first appointment with our gynae.

Earlier this year, I had posted this on Facebook.


I am not a very religious person. I don’t go to church, even though I tell people that I am a Christian. But well, sometimes, I do know that the Big Guy up there is keeping a look out for me. Somehow, this poster spoke a lot to me and I felt that..this was MY year. Things were going to happen this year and rock my world.

And it did. We got pregnant. I thanked Him heartily. I was really thankful. I felt that there was some divine intervention happening, and I told Daddy Ting I wanted some part of the child’s name to mean ‘thankful’.

Move forward to QT’s routine quarterly ultrasound in March. QT’s ureter could be seen in some of his previous ultrasounds. The last ultrasound, they couldn’t see it (which is a good thing) but there were still some dilatation in his left kidney. For this recent ultrasound, the report came back totally normal.

I nearly wanted to burst into tears in the doctor’s office. Not sure if I was hearing things, or maybe it was a fluke. The doctor and the senior consultant said the results were very surprising. Again, I was thankful. I gave thanks in my heart. He has been watching out for my kid. He had my ass covered so I could continue this pregnancy in peace.

I held it to Him to keep my unborn baby healthy. On the same day of QT’s ultrasound, I had taken a blood test to test for some anomalies in the fetus. In doing this blood test, Panorama, the gender of the baby could be told as well. Well, let’s not worry about the gender. Just about the possible anomalies.

And we got the news yesterday. Results were fantastic! All normal. Of course God will not grant me all my wishes right…. He has been good to me, I cannot deny. Of course He pulled a fast one on me. People around me will know that we are rooting for a boy, cos life would be so much easier with just 3 boys. Clothes can be passed down, they can all sleep together in the same room, and hey, no learning required. Just probably learning how to handle 3 kids. Pffpt, sure I can wing it, and handle it.

Budden..He pulls a fast one on me.

Would you like to know the gender?’ 


Congratulations, it’s a girl!’ 



‘Oh okay, thanks!’

Wah piangs. I have never been in such a state of shock. Sat on the sofa and really didn’t know what to think. Hahaha. Gave it a while, and called the clinic back.

‘Hi, we spoke earlier about my test results.’


‘How accurate is your gender analysis?’

err, more than 99% accurate. There can be discrepancies but that is very very rare.’

‘ohh okay..it’s just that I have two boys..so having a girl is quite a shock.’

Oh congratulations!’ 

‘haha..thanks. Was just checking. Thanks & bye!’

I know…she must be thinking I am a crazy person to call back and question the test results hahaha. Then I was thinking..wah..thanks ah, Big Guy. Good one, You really pulled a fast one. I told Daddy Ting the news, and I think it took a while for us to get used to the idea that we will have a daughter. Hahahaha, Daddy Ting says he can’t even spell daughter. WTH.

I had a low lying placenta when I was pregnant with QT, and I was restricted from carrying heavy items in hope that it will move up. At today’s detailed scan, we were told my placenta was normal and the risk for Down’s is very very low. Another sigh of relief there. Again, I am thankful. Thankful that I can babywear QT if required without another worry.

So yeah, Sarah’s gonna be a game changer in our family. Life is NEVER going to be boring in the Ting’s household.

But thank you Big Guy for watching out for all of us in the Ting’s household. Amen. 

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15 comments on “when He pulls a fast one

  1. Congratulations! Am sure all of you are waiting for the arrival of little Sarah. truly happy to see that all went well and it’s going to be a great year!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl! I habe two boys too so my Hubs also have no clue how baby girls are like. May God bless you abundantly through this pregnancy and He shall supply all your needs!

    • Thanks! Hahaha I am gonna make hubby learn also, so he can help out! He simply cannot shirk his responsibilities just cos it’s a girl! =P

  3. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

    • Thanks!

  4. Congratulations! I almost had a heart attack when the clinic called me to tell me about my Harmony result too. You know how they usually only call if it’s bad. Thank God it’s all good. Phew!

    • Yay, good that is all good! When will you know the gender of your baby?? =P

  5. OMG congratulations! haha a girl is definitely a game changer. Safe pregnancy and have fun!

    • Thanks!

  6. Daughters are always so close n dear to mummy… I am blessed to have 2 girls.. I can sense your joy and excitement of your princess Sarah arrival! Doll house, ‘My Little Pony’, princesses outfits and many more to come along the way..

    • hahah joy at having another baby yes. but is more apprehension than excitement leh! Cos I really dunno what to expect of a girl. Yikes!

  7. Many Congrats dear! Am sure new one will bring new fun in your lives. Waiting for more updates from you..

    • thanks!

  8. It’s a nice change, really. Congratulations to you!

    • thanks so much!