Year 2: hey Ollie

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hey baaaybeh

hey little monster. you rock my world.

at about 20:16 this evening, your daddy turned to me at said, Ollie was born at 20:14 right? hmm I think so. Cool, he is officially 2 years old now.

how has the past two years been for you, Ollie? I reckon you have heaps of memories for the past half year or so. I wished we could have celebrated your second birthday more in style, but this year, you caught a stomach bug and aren’t feeling too well. those periods of lethargy would put you out of action for a long while before you would wake up long enough to eat some food. but when you ate so much I got worried you would just heave everything back out again. it was so hard to keep telling you that you can eat this and that. even more so when you asked for french fries, ketchup, nuggets & cake. mummy will make it all up to you when you are better.

but it definitely made my heart sing when I saw you happily digging into a biscuit. so happy to get a new kind of biscuit and a change away from the boring watery porridge you have been having.

oh darling, how you’ve grown. your speech amazes me. your singing amazes me. your thought processes amazes me. it makes me wonder all the time, what goes through your little head when you stare out of the car window, mumbling to yourself, holding either your stuffed Elmo or the stuffed rhino.

but it has been a great two years. I love the way you shower your daddy and I with that unconditional affection. And I can only hope that I don’t take for granted and neglect you unintentionally when your younger brother comes along. I love how you would get jealous when Daddy touches my tummy to say good night to your 弟弟Quentin and rushing to come over to say good night to him. Did you know your 弟弟 recognises your voice? Each time you sang loudly, or sat next to me to talk, Quentin would squirm a lot. It is almost like he is so excited to see/hear/play with you.

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