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I’m currently enjoying toddlerhood. Yup, you heard me right. enjoying.

But please, feel free to ask me again when the monster evolves to an 18 mth old toddler, and then 24 mth old. In fact, ask me again at every quarter for his second yesr of life. I could be wrong haha.

But for now, I am enjoying it. I love watching his expressions. I love watching him respond to the things I tell him, or ask him to do. I love the way he copies both Donald & I. I love the way he joins in the laughter and grins away. I love his curiousity and determination. I love his cheekiness. I love that he always comes back for cuddles and hugs.

There are trying times. The times where he ignores the “nos”. The times when he bursts into tears when he doesn’t get his way. The times where he strains and struggles in your arms because he wants to run around and grab stuff in a crowded department storw. The times where dinner time is a long drawn affair cos he wants to play.

For all of those trying times, the quiet moments he stays within my arms whilst I read him a book and answers his “questions” that he points and signs; the quiet moments as he sits in front of his books and flips through them with intense concentration; the moments that he looks at me and bestows a wide smile; the moments where I can only laugh when he has half emptied a box of wipes on the floor & attempts to wipe the floor with them; him coming over for a hug and lie-in on my lap, they all make the trying times better.

I am enjoying my days more and more each day. I look forward to the upcoming days ahead. In Ollie’s words, “moh??!”

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