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So, 5 days have passed since my last post. How is detox week so far? It went beautifully until today. More on that later.

We started off really comfortably. Ollie had his weekend fix and I reckon he was ready for a quiet start to the week. We didn’t really go anywhere save for the neighbourhood shops. We had breakfast, took a stroll around the area, he would have his nap, and then wake up raring to go in the arvo before Donald came home. I had time to bake bread on Tuesday and even time to make some pizza on Wed. Ollie was being really obliging to allow me to do all of that during those two mornings.

And because of that, I felt that I was more patient with him. It could be because I had some novelty “me” time and felt more accomplished when I was doing something for the “home”. And perhaps, because of this patience, Ollie was more ..hmm compliant? obliging? with my requests. He would be a little cheeky with his responses, like saying no and then agreeing the next moment.

But those few days..we took our time. Until today. Mama was in a rush cos Ollie woke up later than usual for his nap, and this mama took a while going out to get lunch for herself. Maybe it was cause Ollie could sense the change in the atmosphere..and decided to be a little more trying. My temper was a little short and I got a little snippy with him. Meh.

Lesson learnt. Take our time. We will all end up happier. Haha. I also got a chance to know Ollie even better. Because I am “forced” to spend time with him without help around.

This child is just contented having you sit next to him and is so eager to learn and speak. He has progressed to two syllabus words and two words. He is happy to have a conversation with you and listen to you guide him with the new stuff. He is eager to show you what he knows and tries to express it out. He is such a bundle of giggles and laughter. He would giggle so hard at the thing he is doing that he can’t go on.

And sometimes, at the end of a session of play, he will say, “up” indicating he wants to be picked up, because he wants to rest his head on your shoulder and then quietly give you a couple of pats on your shoulder.

In the morning when I take his pjs off him, he would lean against me, put his arms around me and say, “ughs” (hugs).

Bedtime routine is going through a section of his bookshelf to find his favourite book, picking it out, handing it to me and plopping himself on my lap to wait for me to read it to him. Just tonight, he repeated word for word as I read the title of the book slowly to him. “I Can Do It!”. That’s the title of the book. How apt.

Morning strolls now consist of him pointing to our long shadows in the morning sun and him going, “mama.” Then saying, “orwy”. Yes, Ollie can now say his name when you ask him who he is and point to him.

He remembers the staff who gave him a mooncake pastry in a little basket at the supermarket and constantly goes, “un!” (Aunty!) when he plays with the little basket at home.

Naps now include a little quiet snuggle and giggle under the comforter. “Mama, ide!” (Hide). And we would share a moment staring at each other side by side and he would have a grin/smile on his face. That grin/smile of amazement that us parents would know of.

And those moments when your child calls out to you for the sake of it. You know, just to make sure you are still around or are still awake or just so he can hear you make a sound, even if you are next to him.

I could definitely get used to weeks like this.

I was also taking the week to clear our fridge and freezer of food so that I can properly meal plan again. It was nice to just cook random meals without having to worry about deliberately cooking something cos people were coming over.

Ahhhh I could get used to such weeks. In fact, I have decided detox week to be a permanent fixture once a month. Too bad it is ending on this Sat. Boo. Till I see you again in Oct.