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time out

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heading out

heading out

for the first time in a long while, Ollie and I spent the day together outside, just the both of us. Usually when we headed out, we would meet up with either D, or head to someone’s place to chillax for the afternoon before heading home.

so today, I had plans for us to go to the BabyCare Fair at the Singapore Expo to check out some stuff for Ollie (safety gate!!). The fair starts at 11am, but dear mama here decided that we will have breakfast at maccas so off we went at 8.45am in the morning. =P we had a lovely time over breakfast, sharing a kid’s portion of pancakes, and exploring the toy that came with the meal. It was a hacky sack. Ollie immediately went “ball!” but was a wee befuddled as to why this ball didn’t bounce, roll away and felt different. Nevertheless, still a ball and he is happy that he has a new ball. Toddlers. Right.

Anyhoos, we had a bit of a nonsensical chat on the way to the expo hall, and stood in the queue for the doors to open. He had a quick 30 min nap and woke up just after the doors opened. Niiice. We took a slow stroll around the stalls, got some new snacks for Ollie, checked out safety gates, cabinet and drawer latches (yes we are at that stage & it is driving me nuts!!), and scored some free yoghurt drops for the monster. Yay. Ollie was happy. Mama is happy too cos she got to do some shopping. =D

Then it was off to get Daddy some new pants (in new sizes….haha). It was..interesting shopping for men’s pants with a toddler strapped to me in front. Hrm. Ollie couldn’t get his hands off the pants I was holding. Finally picked one with Donald’s stamp of approval and apparently Ollie gave his stamp of approval too cos he knicked it out of my reusable bag and wouldn’t stop hugging it! Waaaat. Guess we can’t return it now. Whoops.

It was a good day out, sun was out, we got some good time together. It’s been a good week.

On another note, today is Day 6 of Ollie weaning off breastfeeding and we have been progressing really well. We started off weaning in the day since we found out that he was able to fall asleep in the carrier without needing to nurse to sleep. However, this was only if Donald was carrying him. And this was after Donald had been putting Ollie to sleep in the carrier at bedtimes for the past week or so after nursing. So I started weaning him in the day by nursing him when he woke up, instead of nursing him to sleep. He wasn’t too happy with not being able to nurse to sleep. Initially I would tell him firmly to “stop” squirming and fussing, which he would comply very quickly and snuggle back on me and fall asleep shortly. Subsequently, I would explain to him that there was “no more milk” and he would fuss a little while before accepting it. In the early days, it took me nearly 45 minutes to put him down for a nap, between him fussing and crying. Today, it takes me about 15 minutes with a little play time and giggles, a wee bit of fussing and then quiet down. Unfortunately, it still takes Donald 30 minutes to put him to bed. Haha. Maybe Ollie just craves for Daddy contact time. =D

With this weaning, my breastmilk supply has dropped a fair bit and I’ve decided that I’d still pump to mix it with cow’s milk so that Ollie will have his regular nutrient intake. I am cautious to not let Ollie have too much cow’s milk for now, and to progressively increase the amount of cow’s milk. It is a little fascinating to watch him down 100ml of milk in between gulps and sips using a straw since I never knew how much he drank before, and especially when it is soooo difficult to get him to drink water. *grumbles*

Am I worried about the loss of bond between Ollie and me that I got from breastfeeding? Not really. The quiet time we have pre-naps are good enough. He snuggles on my chest, and we have a giggle & laugh and he sleeps. I’m happy with that. I reckon we need more of these days together.

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milestones, baby

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these few days, the monster has been displaying more matured behaviour. behaviour that has led me to realize that he is growing up really quickly, with the things that he picks up.

a couple of weeks ago, I wrote that he would readily sleep in his cot when half-asleep, weaning himself from the need to have to nurse completely to sleep. for the past couple of days, he has moved to not having to nurse to sleep. he was fine with his afternoon naps, especially when it was Donald putting him to sleep in the carrier. however with bedtime, we would have some hiccups, usually requiring us to say to him “stop Oliver, it is bedtime” which he would then put his head down on our chest and allow us to pat him to sleep.

This whole “stop” thing came as a surprise. haha. it started when it took both of us nearly an hour to put an overtired Ollie to sleep one evening. He did not have his second nap so we decided to bring his bedtime forward by an hour, which obviously he would have none of that. Bah. I gave up halfway and told Donald to sort Ollie out. I had to just ignore the crying which I am not very good with. haha. About 15 minutes into it, it got quiet and then shortly after, Donald came out of Ollie’s room. He then said he told Ollie “stop” in a firm voice and he quieted down. Okaaay. Really? That’s it? Sure, let’s try that again next time.

And it worked for Ollie. Somehow, the monster understood and knew that we meant business. Hrm..we are on to something now. Haha.

I think I underestimate his comprehension capabilities. Really not trying to toot my horn here. In a lot of ways, I still treat him like a baby, rather than a toddler. From the way I carry him and put him to bed, to the way I hold him when nursing him, to the way he still gets to splash water in the plastic tub.

Recently, Donald and I went on a movie date, leaving him in the care of my mom and sister. We learnt that when we closed the door, Ollie had gone to the shoe rack to reach for his shoes and used his hands to sign for “where”, sorta asking where we were. We got home past Ollie’s bedtime and then heard that he had been signing for sleep and milk to my mom earlier when they were in his room. Haha. I mean, how cute is that!

His favourite game now is peekaboo, going “bah!” at almost any opportunity. At the sofa, he would bend his knees to lower himself behind the arm-rest before popping up to go “bah!” at whoever was at the sofa. His new buddy (sorry monkey) is Marcus and it is really heart warming to watch the two of them bonding. Marcus would rub himself against Ollie, sometimes a little too hard and Ollie would fall on his bum. Other times, Ollie would plop himself down in front of Marcus and pat him. Otherwise, the both of them would be following each other around the house.

Oliver’s super cheeky streak is emerging a lot more. When he gets told off for doing something, he would look down like he was sorry about what he did, and then in an attempt to diffuse the situation, he would look up and give you a cheeky grin, wrinkling his nose up. It has happened on numerous occasions now, including times when he is supposed to be nursing and with Donald. It is sooo hard to stay angry with him and in fact, both Donald and I had to refrain from laughing to maintain composure. Argh.

But he is growing. And perhaps he is letting us know in his little ways, and that we should start levelling up our parenting skills. Oh wait..I would mind him sleeping more hours throughout the night!! *hopeful!* Then again, when I said “Did he just so quickly climb up the sofa with that little space??”, Donald went, “here’s your ‘waking-up-every-two-hours'” referring to Ollie’s enhanced climbing capabilities. I learnt that whilst I was napping today, Ollie had levelled up again on his climbing skills (climbing even higher on the sofa, and now dangling his feet over the arm rest).

I need more eyes. Hah.

level up

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grumpy monster

grumpy monster

motherhood has been springing a couple of surprises my way ever since Ollie turned nearly two weeks ago. wait a min..has two weeks flown by already???


Ollie’s verbal vocab has grown a fair bit to saying: door, no (“doh?”), yes (“ies”), throw (“doh!”), down, keys, milk (“mioh?”), go. We are at the stage of identifying every object that he points at, and then explaining what it is, what it does..etc. A little tiring..but hey, whatever works eh? He occasionally uses signs together with his words. It is taking him awhile to nod his head, but shaking his head definitely isn’t a problem. *grumbles* In fact, he is too good at it. He has got a new sign that I have yet to figure out what it means. It kinda looks like the hand wave you do when doing the Hawaiian hula. It’s a cross between “no” and something else. Gaah.

Sleep-wise..we seem to be getting better at it. Ever since the doc gave him meds for his cough & cold that made him drowsy. 2 hourly nursings extended to 4-hourly in the early part of the nights and then 2.5 hourly. And the best part was that it appears Ollie is happy to le Donald put him down for the night again! Yaaay!! The surprising part for the past couple of days is that Ollie would not fall asleep at the breast or in the carrier (unless reaaally tired or we are out), but would fall asleep in his cot half asleep. He would fuss, arch his back a little, and when we placed him in the cot, he would fall asleep almost immediately or needed to be patted for awhile before he fell asleep.

Too early to say if he is self-weaning..so let’s not jinx it. haha. We are still semi co-sleeping, as in we co-sleep for part of the night only. Donald has been enjoying it, to the extent of being happy to wake up later and paying ERP just so he can have a cuddle with Ollie in bed. Haha. Hmm, maybe the smell of Donald is rubbing off on Ollie that’s why it is easier for Donald to put him to sleep. Ah hah!

But ever since he fell sick last week, his appetite has gone mad. No longer is he happy to finish or even eat his rice porridge. He would eat a max of maybe 1/4 of the normal serving and that was that. I was worried that he wasn’t eating enough so I gave him his rice crackers and Cheerios which he was happy to eat. Oh yes..he started off with eating ONLY if the oatmeal or rice porridge was accompanied with a Cheerio. -_-” “Oh hey, have some chicken with a Cheerio” Then it became “nup..not having any of that rice porridge thing at all” Pffffffffpt. Soon it became I only want to eat some of what mommy & daddy are eating.

I guess I got my wish…somewhat. I had been somewhat grousing to D that I wished Ollie could start eating some of my food so that I wouldn’t have to lug that container of porridge out when we go out. And what am I doing now? Worrying that the monster is not having enough. So I read up AGAIN and found out that some kids around Ollie’s age would not eat a lot because they are more interested in running around. Ain’t nobody got time for eating! Ok..which made me not so worried. He was still breastfeeding well, and still eating somewhat, so I should be happy with that.

And then!! Horrors..the monster started climbing. On Monday, whilst he was having his usual run around the house, he decided to show his daddy that “I can climb up the sofa all by myslf!” Sigh..guess it is an open door policy with the play yard already. I would still close the gate if I have to do some laundry and chores which requires me to be away from him, and he may fuss a little but will still be pretty much happy to stay inside. The rest of the times he is just wandering around the house, being busy dragging bags, playing with his toy cars, pulling the blinds, and digging into the cats’ food bowl *facepalm*.

Better now than later I guess. so what other surprises are there? Bring it on!! =P

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