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hey QT

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Dear Quentin,

hmm, mummy haven’t been writing about you much, have I? I guess as you turn 4 mths old next week, there is no better time like now to write about you eh?

昭恺。恺 means joy. You, have been my spark of joy every day ever since you started smiling. We have been spending so much time together, making up for lost time when you couldn’t come home for almost two weeks after you were born.

I love the way you follow me with your eyes when I walk past you or towards you. I love the way you smile and gurgle in the morning when I approach your cot. I love the way you grab hold of my top when you are nursing.

Do you know how wonderful it is to watch you when you are nursing? It is like that is your comfort and happy zone.

Oh honey, you came 6 weeks early but you are doing so well. You treat me trying to help you flip as a game and you would try. You would grin at my encouragement and you would try. And then I would leave you on your tummy for some tummy time…and forget that I left you in that position until you would yell for “help”. Hahaha. Sorry, kiddo. Mummy sometimes gets a little caught up with housework.

You are so easily excitable, kicking your little feet away. I see that you are starting to take notice of kor kor Ollie now, you would watch what he was doing when he is playing next to you. Sometimes you would play with him too. I love watching the both of you at play. It is pretty amazing what your arrival has done to your kor kor, and I am proud of the both of you.

You have some catching up to do physically, and mummy is going to try and help you with it. You won’t really like it, but slowly and surely okay?

We’ve still got the rest of our lives together, together with kor kor and Daddy..and may be your other siblings. Hehe. Keep smiling!


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on meds

Lying here alone in the delivery ward sure gives you so much time to ponder. So many thoughts running through my mind at that point in time.

See..Quentin is 34 weeks and I am in labour. Brilliant. Started off with some bleeding..and then more bleeding. I had some contractions earlier but just figured they were Braxton Hicks. Come to think of it, I had some bad contractions on Sat but it felt like my usual constipation poop kinda feeling. TMI I know.

Who would have thought everything would begin after a shower before bed? It was as though Quentin decided that “hey mom, screw sleep! I wanna see the world man!” Bah. Hello, I am the one sleep deprived whilst this fella inside would sleep on and off. I was admitted into the delivery ward and put on a cocktail of beds to try and slow/try to stop the contractions, received two jabs of steroids so that Quentin’s lungs could mature and then antibiotics as well. Fun times.

It didn’t help that I was not allowed off the bed. Friends will know that unless I am so super sick, I will be out and about. But no, here am I, feeling somewhat hunky dory but not allowed off the bed. I swear I was gonna get piles and everything you could catch with total bedrest. I sure as hell could not imagine what life was gonna be like if I had to wait in bed until Quentin was 37 weeks to be delivered. But thankfully, thankfully, Quentin was of a good weight and good position to be delivered. So phew!

But there were so many thoughts. I was thinking about Ollie cos I was gg to be away from him for god knows how many days. I was thinking about Quentin and how I needed to hang in there for 36 hrs just so the steroids can help mature his lungs. I was thinking about how prepared we were to take care of a premie. I was thinking about medical costs after we learnt that we were going on a per item charge cos I was in pre-term labour and Quentin’s neonatal care could possibly hit in excess of $20k if he had to stay until he was 37 weeks.

But I am fortunate and I have a God who provides in my time of need and I have prayerful friends who supported me in their own ways. Through messages. Through their prayers. Through their presence made know.

I’m fortunate I have my mom and sis who came over to my place immediately to take over watching Ollie whilst I got admitted. Ollie was to stay at my parents’ place till further notice. I think Ollie was enjoying himself and doesn’t really notice our absence (not sure if I am happy or sad hahah). They keep Donald and I updated of his little antics. During my time of painful contractions, I was focusing a lot on Ollie to get through the worst of it. I hummed the “ABC” song when I had my epidural jab just to take my mind off the pain only cos it was Ollie’s favourite song. My little pillar of strength in addition to the big one frm Donald and an even bigger pillar from God.

I thought about Donald. How in such times of worry and drastic changes, he stands through for me. I find our relationship and marriage strengthening through this experience as he cares for me; wiping me down, holding my sick bag, keeping me calm with his reminders as per the doctor’s instructions. The past two days have been hectic for him. He has had to handover work stuff suddenly instead of a month later. He has had to shuttle between work, home and my parents’ place to discuss and make arrangements and then back to the hospital to be with me, to support me.

And then I look at this man I married a lot more differently. I love you and thank you.

Then all of a sudden, Quentin was born. There was more waiting inbetween but the delivery was quick and uneventful. There had to be nothing more wonderful than hearing that lusty cry of your child after he is born. I did not get a chance to hold him cos the moment he was born he was handed to the neonatal team on standby. Getting checked and warmed up. But boy, could he cry. Where Ollie cried a little and went back to sleep, this fella was quiet for a bit and then went for the kill to cry it all out. Aiyoh.


cleaned and bundled up Quentin

I told Donald the beanie…made him look like a yubari melon with the stem on the top hahaha. But it was nice to see him rosy. And was also good to hear that I will get to see him later this morning.

Gosh. So here we are, parents of TWO little monsters. It probably won’t sink in till we bring Quentin home. Lemme enjoy my quiet rest for now and I cam’t wait to see both my monsters in the morning!

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moving forward

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oreo monster

oreo monster

the monster will turn two in 10 days time. has it been really two years? in all seriousness, it seemed not so long ago that we had this little monster and were slowly adapting to life with a kid.

Some memories are a little hazy. Hazy enough for us to revisit the 1,000,001 videos that we took of Ollie to remind us of what life was life with an infant. Oh the bad hair and crappily dressed us. We had gotten to an all time low, not really caring what we wore out, just as long as we were comfortable in them, comfortable enough to handle a baby with ease.

Now Ollie is a major chatterbox. Donald and I are loving the way he talks to us, telling us what he thinks and what he remembers. Telling us what he wants to do and what he doesn’t in his very Ollie way. We have been including Quentin in our conversations and hope that he gets used to it. He has included kissing and hugging my tummy in his bedtime routine as a way of saying good night to his unborn brother. Ollie has shown signs of empathy to other people/kids crying, muttering ‘it’s okay, don’t cry’ or even going up to said kid to give a hug or a pat at my request. Hopefully this will apply to his brother too!

7 more weeks to go. I am excited. I can’t wait for this arrival. I will know at the appointment on the 21st if I will most probably be delivering naturally or by C-sect. Meh. I really hope it will be a natural delivery. Recovery is faster and I would be able to try managing Ollie & Quentin on my own. Time is passing a little too slowly for me now as I get slower and poor Ollie is not getting more fun with me. Thankfully there is Donald and his aunt, R, to help take him out cycling or to the waterpark.

We have also been keeping a look out for a bed for Ollie. I am particularly inclined to getting a bunk bed that can be separated into two single beds. The flexibility will allow us to switch when the need arises. I mean for now, we will need two single beds cos Donald will sleep with Ollie in his room till he gets used to the bed. And when Quentin & Ollie gets older, then we will switch it back into a bunk bed.

Donald and I have also been busy somewhat separately, with me prepping for Quentin’s arrival and him being busy at work. Sometimes I think we forget that we are a couple and start being snarky with each other. It is trying. Me trying to remind myself that he is busy at work and him having to do the extra chores at home cos I am not able to do so. I guess I can’t wait for Quentin to arrive so that my life can go back to being normal and I don’t have to feel so helpless at home. Gaaah. We have been considering about putting Ollie over at my parents’ for a night over the weekend so Donald and I can have some time together, pick up, catch up and socialise a little sometimes. I probably will feel A LOT guiltier in the early days, but will prob get the hang of it and enjoy the break! Hahah.

How did married life with kids get so complicated?? Oh the commitments…..