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Things Ollie says #1

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1) I was talking to my mom whilst we were out at dinner and Ollie was trying to get my attention.

“Stop stop mummy stop!” *grabs my hand* “can you see the aeroplane???”

2) Donald was getting something from Ollie’s room and bumped into the door frame. And Donald yelps out in pain.

“What’s going on, daddy?”

3) One day, I decided that I would teach Ollie about the days of the week.

Me: what day do you go to Sunday school?
Ollie: Sunday!
Me: what day does mama & yeye come over? (Answer supposed to be Wed)
Ollie: Saturday!
Me: *forgot the in laws come take Ollie on Sat* yes..well then when do they come over for dinner?
Ollie: the other day!
Me: *pukes a little blood* …Wednesday, darling.

4) Ollie was playing with the wooden alphabet blocks.

Ollie: A, B, C, D, E, F. How come Ollie do until F only?
Me: hey what starts with the letter F?
Ollie: *not really keen* where’s G?
Me: F, ribbit ribbit
Ollie: *perks up* F is for frog.
Me: good job! And how about this..*makes siren noises* (answer supposed to be fire engine)
Ollie: F is for siren and police car!
Me: *mental facepalm* Fire engine, darling and….?
Ollie: fireman!
Me: good job! How about..*fans self with palm*
Ollie: F is for windy!
Me:……. *gives up* okay G is on the floor

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