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6 months and counting

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QT @ 6 months

QT @ 6 months

I can’t believe 6 months has gone by. And we are 4 months away from the end of the year. Yikes.

Looking at QT now. gosh..his smiles are so infectious! Ollie was a smiley baby too, but both of them have different kinda smiles. Maybe it’s this post baby Ollie thing, I can barely remember how Ollie was like as a baby. I would occasionally go through videos of Ollie and reminisce wistfully at my baby.

Haha, lemme enjoy QT for now. Don’t grow up too quickly okay?

At 6 months, he is doing well. Starting to try sitting up for longer periods of time, he is figuring out how to roll around the playmat..and roll summore. And he is such a giggly baby it is not funny. I do love his chuckles sooo much. Just tickle him around the ribs and he would give one of those belly laughs. He even laughs and smiles when you tease him when he is asleep. (was trying to stir him earlier mid-nurse)

Gave him his 2nd taste of apple puree earlier. He had probably about 5 spoonfuls. Aiyar..this Heinz apple puree is really too sour I think. Ollie didn’t really fancy it when I offered it to him when he was 6mo, and QT’s reaction..umm..

too sour, mama!

too sour, mama!

yeah. pretty much. He even did that sour-shudder thing. Hahahah it was funny tho =P Maybe Heinz offered that as comic relief for every parent who is going through the pains of feeding mess hehe.

Hmm, I wonder what QT should have tomorrow.

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