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going out with the kids

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before QT came along, when it was aaaall just Ollie and me, going out was a breeze. D and I would meet up almost every fortnight in town to have a meal, coffee, window shopping (or at least some shopping) and chat about life and kids. Ollie and E would do their own “catching up” and watch videos on the mobile phone.

then when I was pregnant with QT, I wondered how on earth I was going to manage going out with two kids. And then QT actually came along and I figured, I’d have to try cos I need to get out of the house. The early days were spent just going around the neighbourhood, like a couple of blocks away. Going to the market, grabbing some veggies and breakfast. Subsequently, we ventured further to the mall next to the bus terminal, and then to the library. There were also the occasional trips to town, but they lasted for no more than 3 hours (including walking & traveling time).

Today was my ultimate. It was the longest I had ever been out for, half with D, and the other half alone. Lugging bags of stuff. My feet hurt sooooo bad now it is not funny. I chugged a Venti iced caramel macchiato on the way home. I figured I’d lose whatever calories from the drink by walking home. Haha.

It is probably going to get more interesting when QT is more mobile and is not happy to sit in the carrier. Hrm. So far he sleeps most of the time when we head out (not complaining!!). Being able to breastfeed in the Manduca is a major bonus. Feed on the go, so yay! Maybe I should go out more often these days before QT gets mobile.

So, D & I had plans to go to the baby fair and the food fair happening at the Expo today. *cue auntie mode ON* I have two kids, so if you could give me two sets of samples, one for each kid, that would be great. Oh hang on, you mean if I used two email addresses I could get the gift AND the goodie bag? Sure! Btw, you do know that I’m gonna cancel this temporary appointment when you guys call right? And I still get to keep this gift?

Sibeh auntie right? So embarassing! hahaha. I was telling D about the time I actually asked a stranger behind me in the queue if he had the membership card so I can get a member’s discount. Eh, it was a savings of $12 okay!! Wah lao..12 cents I can forget it. But $12! WLE.

But yes, D & I walked, and then chanced upon a play area for kids. $15 for all day access to a ball pit, bouncy castles, mini golf..etc. Hrm, I thought, well..the fair was fairly empty with no kids and it was still early, so sure why not?

Best idea EVAH. Because there were not a lot of kids, the ratio of minders to kids was like 3 minders : 2 kids. D & I could actually stand one side, take photos and chat a fair bit. We even took turns to go one round around the fair. Haha. Best $15 spent. It was funny to watch Ollie run around and throwing himself with glee into the ball pit. I reckon this is one experience he is NOT going to forget easily and will ask for more chances to go when we pass by any.

Okay, now to the main point. I thought of writing this post because of a conversation I had with Donald the other night. I told him about this couple I came to know about recently when I read about their loss, of them losing their 3 yo to a freak accident. Mom and toddler had been out during the day, to Disneyland before ending up at a friend’s place. The toddler had ran out to the streets to grab a frisbee and got knocked down by a vehicle. I teared when I read about it. I asked Donald if he would blame whoever our kids was with if such a thing happened to either Ollie or QT. And he replied with a resounding “of course lah!”. Thinking a little, I reckon I would too, but it would probably come at a later stage when the grief has eased off. Hah.

I know it sounds a little odd, but the mother’s loss is what makes me appreciate my kids a little more. I think about how I need my kids as much as they need me. Seriously, I cannot imagine a life without my kids now. The smiles that QT gives me, the most innocent conversations that Ollie has with me. I felt so much for the mom, wondering what it was like seeing things that reminded her of what her child would be doing. Just reading about it made my heart ache. Maybe it’s a mom thing. I watch videos about kids and it affects me so much. Argh..such a sap.

I’ve been trying to capture as much of Ollie’s little thoughts on this blog, it is a little tedious. I am still contemplating between writing down those little thoughts on Dayre but then again, I don’t wish to be using too many platforms. Meh.

Decisions decisions.

umm cow-lion version.

umm cow-lion version.

A gem from today:

Ollie: *puts on a rabbit ears headband & lion mane headband*
Me: uhh what are you supposed to be?
Ollie: Ollie is a rabbit-lion. Hop hop roaaar. *hops*
Me: hahaha. Yes, of course. I should have known that.

alter ego: auntie (Singaporean style)

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Hi, I would like to introduce you to my alter ego. My alter ego emerged when I had kids. I knew I had it in me but I never knew my alter ego was so passionate about what she believed in.

Meet Auntie Justine, Singaporean style. Let’s call her AJ.

The AJ in me is an auntie, true and true. At 32 no less. With two kids. Being a SAHM, I do have some free time and the free time is spent wandering around the neighbourhood with the kids or at the supermarket. That is the highlight of my week. Because we are on a single income, I don’t usually splurge like before I got married. I am a little conscious about my spending. So to make up for the shopping I do, I make sure that the prices that I get is low.

I am constantly looking out for bargains, to save a penny/dollar here and there. I compare prices A LOT, so much that I know what is a bargain and what is not. And when it is a bargain, I stock up. You should see the amount of diapers we have sitting in the spare room at the moment. Sometimes toilet paper and tissue paper too.

I spend enough to get several memberships and then “abuse” these memberships haha. A couple of freebies here, and a couple of freebies there. Birthday month discounts? I am there. Loyalty cards? Yup, got those too.

I shamelessly ask for help in collecting “points” to redeem heavily discounted items, even asking strangers too. I shop a fair bit online, okay, I shop A LOT online, cos overseas prices are lower than what I would pay for locally even with shipping thrown in, or the lack thereof to Singapore for Amazon’s case if you spend USD$125 or more. It is so hard to justify paying Singapore prices for some items when the US prices are half or less than that.

I shop at the wet market and stick to my regular stalls because after 4 years, I am reaping the benefits of it. They are flexi about the prices they offer me or they throw in some extras occasionally, whether meat or veggies.

I am not a penny pinchers. If we need to spend, we would. It is what I deem as worth it to pay. I would pay over S$150 for reusable diapers only because I believe I will save more than that by not using that much disposable diapers. That and saving the environment by reducing landfills. I would place a bucket under the shower to collect running water whilst it is being heated up by gas heater. I may end up saving only a couple of cents, but hey, a little goes a long way, no? I try to plant my own food, some herbs like thyme and basil, plants like chilli and tomato. It doesn’t save me much but it contributes some green to this concrete jungle and some oxygen too!

Now, there is no budget for chocolate and desserts. That is on a whole different level altogether. Non-negotiable.

So in the near future, you may see me blogging about some of the stuff that I purchase and the comparison of prices. Diapers especially when an Expo fair is involved (we use Pampers, Huggies & Merries). Homework, homework! Haha.

Till then, this is AJ signing out.

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