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raising Ollie

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doing his puzzles reversed.

something seemed to have sparked a change in Ollie recently. especially after our weekend out kite flying.

lesser tantrums/meltdowns.
easier to negotiate with him.
we have been telling him if he wants to play with another toy, he has to keep the others; and he did and does so now without much bargaining.
he eats on his own now (no more feeding!).
he can shower himself, supervised.
he entertains himself a lot more, doesn’t watch much tv (switches it off usually after an hour).
takes instructions more willingly.
starts putting away his craft materials when he is done.

the latest? he went on the toilet on his own, without telling me anything. (i sneakily followed him and then had to put him on the toilet after watching him trying to climb it.)

hello? where is my baby boy and what have you done to him? it is a wonderful thing watching him grow up and mature. there is also always something cute about him picking up his toys and putting them away.

haha okay fine, it just means I have to pick less.

he hasn’t smacked QT for a while now. doesn’t ask for the Wiggles and chuck a fit when I say no. he is more willing to accept “no” as an answer when we explain why.

am I a proud mama? hell yeah. i would like to think that all these time spent with him, insisting on certain practices to be applied by all (including daddy & grandparents) have made an effect on this baby boy of mine. excuse me but I am taking credit for all of these, mental development asides. oh wait, i’ll take 75% credit of that too. thankewberrymuch.

well done Ollie. you are doing fantastic. and this mummy of yours loves you to bits!

curious behaviours

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These days, the monster cracks me up with his cheeky behaviour and antics. He is at the stage where he can somewhat mimic your actions if you do it often to him, usually with hilarious results.

recently, he has developed this habit of doing a frantic run around the house before he does a poop. I had a good laugh when he ran around the dining table today and I was wondering why in the world he was doing laps. cleaning poop..not fun. But watching him..priceless haha.

the other “party trick” he attained was to sign his song requests before his naps. Aiiiie. Apparently, it has happened before on Donald’s watch. We have been singing him songs with actions so that he can participate physically. He loves watching us and will try to do some of the actions.

Now two of the songs that he is familiar with and does the same action for are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy-bitsy Spider. So you have to guess what he is requesting for and sing it. Getting it right means he settles back and preps himself to sleep.

say whaaaaat. *grumbles* being parents just got harder.

else..he is a pretty cool kid. It has been fun times so far. And for that..we get to go to the zoo tomorrow! Monkeys! (Ollie will go “aah aah ahh” as in “ooh ooh aah aah”) haha. more fun ahead.