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Books, books & more books!

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Okay, mummy is a bookworm, therefore she will try to instill the love for reading to the boys.

So far, so good! Ollie loves “reading”. And when I mean reading, I mean him going through the pages quietly, and maybe some reading if he recognises some words. I started him off with a couple of board books that I got from the Popular book fair, and then from Book Depository, to a mad crazy book spree when we went to the United States last year…and then discovering Amazon.

Oh Amazon, oh Amazon. Thou art an evil thing, especially when you introduced free shipping to Singapore when you spend USD$125 and above on eligible items. Argh.

Anyways, Ollie’s recent favourite books are the Look & Find series.

Look & Find books

Look & Find books

Basically, you will have a panel of items that you are supposed to find in the picture. They are usually themed, like places of interest, festival, colours..etc.

An example of a theme in the books.

An example of a theme in the books.

Ollie would spend ages on the books. And it is a great way to engage with Ollie, and teach him new stuff, like telling him what a fire hydrant was, and what it was used for. It was brilliant! When he got the hang of it, I could pretty much leave him to his own devices to look for the items himself. Not sure if he memorised it but hey, it would be A LOT to memorise, going through the whole book.

There is a deviation to the series as well, where the reader would have to spot the differences between the two pages. I tried it with Ollie but he didn’t seem to interested or it look him a really long while to spot the differences. Too long that he lost interest in it. Hahaha..too advanced level. Maybe later eh?

So this mummy….went online shopping again and we’ve got another book on the way! This time it is the Nickelodeon: Team Umizoomi: First Look and Find book. He loves watching Team Umizoomi on tv, so I reckon he is going to be stoked!

If you are a Singaporean and are looking to purchase these books, the following are eligible for free shipping (only if you hit the USD$125!):

1) Sesame Street: Elmo Look and Find Series
2) Elmo & Friends (My First Look and Find)
3) First Look and Find: Elmo’s Potty Book