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What’s that you got in your hand?

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Feeling better

The past few days, Ollie has spent a lot of time sleeping. He was so lethargic. He would be up for about 30 mins and then he would flop back down on the sofa and conk out. Even videos on the iPad wasn’t enough. Thankfully he could keep some fluids down.

Today, by the afternoon, he could stomach some food like crackers and Cheerios, together with more fluids. By the evening, he was up and walking around, doing the actions to some of his favourite videos and managed to take some watery porridge.

So yay!

And then he got back to sitting down on the sofa and watched more videos. Somewhere along the way..he stuck both hands into his diaper.

Donald: Ollie, what have you got in your hands?
Ollie: *still staring at video* penis.
Donald: okay.

Pffpt. Boys.

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