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Floor & Wall Tiles

work on the flat has begun! We checked out the flat last Thursday, and the demolition was already in progress. Heaps of hacking of the floor and wall tiles. The entire floor was covered in rubble! I definitely don’t envy our neighbours at this point in time. I can imagine the amount of noise they had to put up with..sorry neighbours. =(

but it’s so exciting! Just a mere 5 days and the flat is starting to take shape. i can slowly see our designs coming to fruition. the hole in the wall between the kitchen and the living room, the walk-in-wardrobe. gosh. i can’t believe it’s starting to happen!

Donald and I aren’t very stringent in popping down to check out the work. I can remember how my parents did it previously. I think they went down almost everyday, with my mom trying to coordinate different tradespeople. Now, Donald and I got just one person to coordinate everything. And I’ve got this wee bit of a time to blog about the renovation hehe.

Apart from that, Donald and I still have been busy with the other aspects of the flat. Blinds. Furniture. Electrical appliances. That and work. I had the tendency to still think about work when I got home and decided last Friday that I was gonna have some me time. So what did I do?

I baked brownies!

yuuuum. We had bought two tubs of ice cream a couple of weeks before. Now I know how awesome good quality green tea ice cream goes with brownies. mMMMmmmm.. I couldn’t stop snacking on the brownies. I had brownies for breakfast on Saturday morning. haha. I think I’m gonna be baking them soon again. The recipe is so simple to follow and they had the right kind of fudgey texture to it. Just barely moist. Shiok!

Another round of me time with some girlfriends tomorrow night! We’re celebrating one of my girlfriends’ birthday with a steamboat dinner. Just what I’ve been craving. hehe. I’ll absolutely chill out, and then prep myself for the week ahead. =D Gonna be away for a work trip, and I think I’m gonna be sneaking in a bit of shopping! *inno*

eh, I got permission okay! =P

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New hiding/sleeping spot

Spent half of the day packing, sorting and throwing away stuff yesterday. The late evening was spent dismantling the clothes rack and part of the big wardrobe that we have. Donald had said to see if we could remove the drawers and pack it into boxes. One of the drawers was removed and I thought, nah..it’s better off not being dismantled. Although flat-packing it would be really good. Long story short, I just put the drawer sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe and closed the door.

Woke up in the morning to find the door to the wardrobe slightly open and find this little boy sleeping in it. -_-” Mind you, the doors are a good 20kg (we know cos we put the wardrobe together). But then again, it’s a sliding door, so it probably doesn’t require much effort to nudge it open. Marcus has the capability to do so, and I’ve seen it before. I haven’t seen Thomas doing it though. Which is why I’m surprised.

oops, guess Thomas knows I’m writing about him, cos he just stretched up against my chair and tugged on my sleeve for a scratch. haha =P

I guess, fair enough, he can have this new hiding/sleeping spot, considering how I dismantled their bed yesterday. hehe.

Oh, btw, Happy Australia Day! Dinner with the McKeons tonight, and maybe I’ll catch up with Jonno after dinner! =)

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cheeky bugger

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thomas. my little monster

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