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Recipe: Chrysanthemum Rose Bud Tea

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Chrysanthemum Rose Bud Tea


The wet market near my place occasionally has a few pop ups with peddlers selling different stuff on the weekends. I happened to chance on a peddler selling a range of dried goods in small packages and decided to grab a pack of dried rose buds.

To be honest, no idea what to do with it. I had some wild notion of infusing it in oil and hoping to get some rose oil or what not hahahah. But ah what the heck, let’s pop it into some hot water and drink it maybe? Did some reading and found out rose buds had had levels of Vitamin C, even more than citrus fruits! Say whaaaat.

I randomly decided to pop a tablespoon of buds together with my chrysanthemum tea, sweetened with some red dates, wolfberries and rock sugar. Another light drink to add to the list!


1 tbsp dried chrysanthemum flowers
1 tbsp dried rose buds
1 tbsp rock sugar
1 tsp wolfberries
1-2 pitless red dates

I placed these ingredients into a 500ml Thermos one-push tumbler, filled it up with fresh boiling water and closed it. All ready in 2 hours.

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