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so. one of my pregnancy cravings this time round is to eat salad and fruits. 

I know right?? I mean..of all the times I get to pig out on chocolate..and baked goods for the right reason, I get a healthy craving. *sigh* When I was pregnant with Ollie, I couldn’t stand the taste of chocolate. WTF. Can cry man. Especially when I am a chocoholic. 

These days, I am constantly sharing an apple with Ollie. I walk past a salad bar and start craving a salad with creamy dressing. mmMM..and I bought a bowl. Cost me frikkin’ $13.80. My only justification is that it is a healthy meal. 

Last weekend, we went out grocery shopping for a mix of salad leaves, fruits and other veggies that would go well with a salad. Oh boy..eating healthy is expensive in Singapore. 

Two bags of mesclun salad mix, butternut pumpkin ($7), beetroot, alfafa sprouts ($2.50), sundried tomatoes ($4), dill, grape tomatoes, hass avocado ($1.50) = $30

9 guavas, 9 granny smith apples (3 for $1), 2 white peaches ($2,50 each), 1 golden kiwi ($1.80), a punnet of blackberries ($5), 3 punnets of blueberries ($3 each) = ~$30

mind you, I bought the veggies from a wet market and the fruits from a wholesaler. Had I gotten them from the supermarket, the price would probably be doubled. And these aren’t even organic. Ayeeeee. 

I am probably gonna spend the next couple of weeks figuring out how I can lower the cost of it. Well, hopefully beyond eating coleslaw for the rest of this pregnancy (cabbage is really cheap!)

on another note, I have just discovered making homemade fruit & veggie smoothies. haha. The juicer and the blender is out. I think my kitchen countertop is having a kitchen appliance overload. I tried a mix of carrots, celery, banana and greek yoghurt yesterday. Let’s just say I am still not a celery convert. Besides I was just trying to use up the veggies in the chiller..haha. However I tried a new recipe that I saw on the internet today, an avocado-banana smoothie. It was reaaally yums! I got the link from here: http://www.marthastewart.com/872689/avocado-banana-smoothie. It is definitely a keeper. 

Now if I can only sort out my meal times…this hormones thing is driving my appetite nuts. Gaah. 

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