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Christmas Tree

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An Ikea Christmas catalogue came in the mail today, in all of its Christmassy goodness. Can’t believe it will be Ollie’s second Christmas in slightly over a month’s time!

Christmas is a big thing in my family. When I was young, we lived in a flat with over 10 people. We would have a tree and once the tree was up, the wrapped presents would go up. I could remember peeking around for presents with my name on it.

Now, Donald doesn’t celebrate Christmas (think Chinese Scrooge). He sees it as a day off, a festive holiday. But to have him fork out money for pressies? Bah humbug =P okay, he will buy presents for Ollie and me, but that is the extent of his generosity.

It also means no tree at home. Hey, I am okay with no tree, I remembered everyone was happy to put the tree up, but taking the tree down was another story altogether. Tree “leaves” everywhere on the floor and the tree never went back properly in the box again. We all know that scene. Haha.

I wanted Ollie to get into festive mood at home too, since he picked up saying “Christmas tree” after we last went to the airport and the decorations were up. I sure as hell wasn’t getting a tree so we needed an alternative that wasn’t costly, could involve Ollie and would last for a while. I had considered making an advent calendar but figured he was too young to understand it as well. So tadaaah, eco friendly tree on paper, using recyclable materials!

I drew an Ollie-height tree on a huge piece of paper, and then got Ollie to stick torn pieces of magazines that had some green tinge or patches on the “tree”. Once it has been filled up, we will probably cut out some “ornaments” from magazines and stick them around. He seemed to be getting the hang of it, giving it a “pat pat” to make sure the double sided tap on the magazine pieces stuck to the “tree”.

It also gave me some sense of satisfaction, being able to do something with him. Heh. I reckon this could be a permanent activity in our family in time to come =P