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lately, Donald and I have been using the phrase “first world problems” fairly frequently in our conversation. Hahah. We are going to be such cool parents right right??

Anyways, the term came up because we had been doing some shopping lately and was doing casual reassessment of our spending and finances. I did baulked when I saw our bank balance WAAAAAAY below what I had expected it to be. Well, technically speaking, I thought we might be spending a little less because I wasn’t going out that often and eating out during the weekdays, though I have to admit the only kind of spending I have been doing is grocery shopping cos that is the only kind of shopping I can justify. Cue lots of trips to the supermarket just to get out of the house and to look-see, which usually results in buying something in the end.

So much for trying to clear the fridge and the pantry. le sigh. #fail.

The discussion came up when we were at IKEA walking around, you know, browsing. Okay, no one ever just browses at IKEA. You always end up walking up with something. We had gone there to buy some jars for my loose leaf teas, oh and a mixing bowl cos Donald broke me a couple of months ago..and somehow we talked about keeping a SPARE high-chair in the car so that Ollie can sit in it when we have dinners at our relatives’ place.

Goodness. Why in the world do we even need a spare high-chair? Never mind we will get to it later.

So we were about to grab a new one when we saw a couple of high-chairs in the AS-IN section. Now that is an evil place. Cos the stuff you need (or rather want) are always so ridiculously marked down you immediately think that you need it, rather than you want it. We walked out of the AS-IN section with not one, but TWO high-chairs. Well, one to keep in the car..and the other for Quentin.

We ended up making statements like this:

Bought a cheap high-chair, own a car and the high-chair can’t fit into the car boot. First world problem”

Bought diapers on sale, had them delivered to our flat. Using the guest room as a spare storage room and we can’t find a good spot to place the cartons of diapers. First world problem”. 

We do realise that we are very fortunate to be able to support the kind of lifestyle we have, despite being on a single income. Donald has not curbed my spending, doesn’t give me an allowance to work with, and well, hopes that I am sensible enough to not buy something that is so outrageous. Though he has on one occasion said “I was hoping you would just buy the massage chair.” DAMMIT.

Ollie is also fortunate to be able to lead the kind of lifestyle that we want him to have in a comfortable way. Daddy Ting has bought a car so Ollie can travel in comfort and safely (tho it is more of Daddy Ting not wanting to travel by public transport….). Ollie gets to sit on a comfy bicycle child seat, a Yepp Child Seat no less. Ollie also recently acquired a Y Glider 3-in-1. As you can see..we are sorta aiming for a outdoor lifestyle..making sure the kids will have some form of outdoor activity rather than being cooped indoors most of the time.

But do we need all these stuff to ensure they have some form of outdoor activity? It is a luxury. It’s more of a “hey, it’s nice for them to have something like that” and we can somewhat afford it (that is, until the credit card bill arrives). so why not? Gaah..time to be more sensible. Need to be more sensible about our finances! Thank goodness that is the last of the baby fair I am going to. Else goodness knows what else there is to tempt me to tempt Donald to buy for Ollie!!

And I seriously hope Ollie realises how fortunate he is, and he doesn’t turn out to be a spoilt brat. Else I will sell all his toys away.

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