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it’s been two weeks!

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gaah, so many things happening this week. Feeling a wee bit overwhelmed really. It’s just that there aren’t alot of things that I can do at this stage. It’s just waiting..waiting and waiting.

And I’m not a very patient person. =( But I guess it’s good, cos that way I’m not gonna get bored that easily. =P

After Donald left last week, my days have been full on. Ken was in town on Friday, so I had to rush home after work to get cooking before picking him up from the hotel. We chilled in front of the laptop watching a couple of episodes of Cantonese drama serial, before loading up his suitcase with more stuff for him to take home on my behalf (wish he could take alcohol tho. =P). After that, we were moving stuff out of the rooms to prepare for the garage sale on Saturday. Furniture, boxes of rubbish, putting items reserved by some of my friends, etc.

And then we did arts and crafts. hahahaha. =P Well, sorta. I had printed some signs and needed them to be stuck on some boxes so that we could put them out in the neighbourhood. We had unknowingly missed the deadline for putting up an ad on Quokka so I had to rely on the signs. I even sent Rachel a text saying that it was probably going to be a slow morning since the ad wasn’t out, and that she might not need to come.

Thank god she came over. But I digress.

So on the way to driving Ken back to the hotel, we put out signs on the round-abouts leading to my place and then one in the middle of the main street. Or rather, Ken did it. I would have been happy to just drop and go, but Ken had to stand back a couple of paces to look and make sure that it was right. hahah. =P He’s such a funny fella.

The morning had a slow start, and as with any other garage sales, even though the sign says “8am – 12pm”, people will come by at 7.30am. Just as well I was awake then. *wry grin* Rachel came by slightly past 8am with Daisy and Dan, and they hung around for a bit before leaving Rachel with me. There’d be moments where we were sorta flat out, and moments where it was so quiet, we’d be able to have some snacks, a cuppa and chat. There were the bargainers, the new-in-towns, and the ‘pop-by and have a look’ people. The morning went by with mostly ‘pop-by and have a look’ people and they bought the stuff that I wanted to get rid of and thought I’d put them up for sale and see if anyone bought them, if not I’d pitch them. No one wanted to buy furniture!!

And then we hit jackpot with a couple who just moved from Sydney to Perth. They bought most of my furniture. I was flogging everything basically. haha. But it was awesome. Sold most of the furniture. Had a lady to paid me $9 in coins, and thank goodness Peter & Liza were around to help count the change, and sort them out into my egg carton till. haha. Yes, I realised that morning that I didn’t have any change on me apart from $50 in coins, and I was looking for containers to separate the coins when the brainwave hit me. *laugh* I got teased about it. Better that than a pile of coins on the dining table!

The fridge got sold as well, and the people will be picking it up this Saturday. Guess who has to bulk cook EVERYTHING before the fridge goes? Meh. Monica (our landlady) has kindly offered to help store any food that needs to be refrigerated in her fridge and that I could just pop over to grab anything anytime if required. I’m thinking, I’ll just eat cereal for the rest of my stay in Perth. *laugh*

I had to say, the boys were really well-behaved throughout the day. Thomas spent the day sleeping in the bedroom, and Marcus was occasionally wandered around to give some people a sniff before heading back to the bedroom as well. I was a little worried they’d run out cos the door was mostly open the entire day! Hrm, should reward them with some wet food soon. =)

I was so tired after the garage sale, and cleaning up the house that I had dinner at 5.30pm, and then crashed at 8pm. I had an early morning the next day cos Renata and family were taking me out! Woke up at 7am to head to the supermarket cos I ran out of cat food. -_- It did crossed my mind to pop over to Monica’s to borrow some cat food (people borrow sugar, but I borrow cat food. DOH) but I thought I might as well buy a bag cos I was gonna be out the whole day anyways.

Fed the cats and drove to Renata’s. And then we were off to Lake Leschenaultia (sounds really German to me..) for the day of sun and water! Poor Gerry was subjected to having 6 females yapping away in the car whilst he drove. hahah. Renata and I were catching up big time, and boy could we talk. It was ages since we last spoke too! Talked about work, family, wedding, holidays, future plans..etc etc. Renata and Gerry then prepared a cold meats picnic lunch which was awesome. The day started off a little gloomy, but then the sun came out later. It wasn’t too hot, there was a cool breeze. I finally got a nice tan and obviously got burnt too. =( I did slather on heaps of sunscreen too! Totally love the chats that we had that day, talking about why people liked and disliked food, why do people drink alcohol, what does a Republic mean, why poop is brown and what it’s made off (yes, that question has been on my mind for ages!). hahaha.

They then took me out to dinner after, and I went back to their place for another chat before I headed home. I was out for more than 12 hours! And still paying for it now. haha. I was soo tired (good kind of tired!) on the way home that I really struggled to drive home. I was spacing out ALOT, which is bad.

It was a good weekend =D Now paying for having all that junk food and fun with exercising. Bleh. Been clocking my timings for running and cycling. Clocked a terrible an avg 7.1km/h for a run to work on Monday morning, taking about 20mins to get to work, and then 12.2km/h for a cycle to work this morning which took me 12mins. Really don’t think I can go any faster on the bicycle but probably should try to do better with the run. Will see how the run back is gonna be like. Probably shittier. hahaha, cos it’s uphill all the way. Come to think of it, how can people like Jonno clock 55km/h on a bicycle!!!!?

Gonna be a fairly full on this week as well. Just had a meeting with Anke for more work to do, dinner with Rachel this Wednesday and dinner with Peter and Liza on Friday! Need to continue packing some stuff over the weekend and start organising the pet transport too. Ick!!


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I want to marry you cos you’re my handyman around the house! (umm, when you don’t injure yourself lah.)

Okay, I admit. As much as I would like to be the independent woman that I think I am, I’m not. I’m not that mechanically inclined. Technical, I can live with. But not mechanical. I still need someone to fix stuff.

I design/decorate, and he fixes. And that side of him came in handy when we were on our garage sale craze. We bought tools that we never thought we’d ever use. An electric sander, a drill kit, a nail/staple gun. Within the first year of us moving to Perth, we had sanded down our coffee table, a 2nd-hand garden bench, a side table, and a couple of deck chairs. Most of them were repainted and now have a place in our home. That kept us busy for a bit. The feeling was awesome. Definitely need more practice in painting. haha.

Hence, that’s where Donald comes in. Most of the time he’s good. Other times, you get the klutz Donald, where he hammers his thumb. *grin*

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I want to marry you cos you’d drag yourself up in the mornings so that we can go to garage sales to satisfy the closet ‘karang guni’ in me

We never really went for garage sales in Tasmania. Occasionally, we’d pass by one near Salamanca, but was about it. It wasn’t until we moved that we discovered this wonderful thing called garage sales. oh and the Quokka

cheap quaint items for less than half of its value! best kind of bargains are always found in ‘moving interstate’ sales. we bought our TV and DVD player from a garage sale. bedside tables from another garage sale, some bowls and plates from a garage sale, TV stand and a standing fan from a garage sale. Imagine the amount of money that we’d have saved up!

Alas..more often than not, it wasn’t really the case. *laugh* After 1.5 years garage saling, we actually ran out of stuff to buy. I don’t even remember the last time we went to a garage sale. I guess our rented home is sorta complete, hence the lack of need of stuff.

Then Donald got a Ikea voucher……and that’s another story. =)

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