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home plans

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Flat Layout

Google Sketchup has gotta be the most amazing thing ever. haha. After I found out about it, I spent more than 12 hours playing around with it, and then coming up with our home layout. Prior to that, both Donald and I have been drawing them on copies and altered copies of our floor plan. Which was sorta insane. Having this just gave us a better look at how our home will look like if we were to design it a certain way. I’m really loving it!! =) 

Donald and I have fallen into a routine back in SG. A sorta comfortable one. I’m getting spoilt without having to cook and clean. Having said that, I finally had a chance to bake yesterday. I had been dying to bake something, and the idea of cupcakes came up. A few days later, a link appeared on @jamieteo’s tweet, which was a sign obviously. =P  The cupcake pops were so adorable! How could you not resist them?? I decided to give it a shot. I bought the ingredients over a span of two days whilst waiting for Donald at Clementi. 

I SO failed. DOH. I did think that they were alot of work, having to bake a cake first, followed by putting cream cheese frosting, and then rolling them into litle balls, and then making the shape. But I tried. They wouldn’t stick, they wouldn’t shape, and when I dipped them into the chocolate, they fell apart! The white chocolate wouldn’t remain fluid and became pasty. =( 

Seriously, I was quite upset, and then thought of throwing everything away and never see it again. haha. Donald came in and gave me a hug and told me to do with what I could do rather than throwing it all away. I gave it a thought and then told myself, screw it. it’s cute in the shape on Bakerella’s, but if I can’t do it that way, i’ll do it MY way.  and I ended up with little cupcake balls, with their tops dipped in chocolate, and with star sprinkles on the top. they don’t look really nice, but they don’t taste half bad. =P 

And I learnt the essential lesson of FOLLOWING THE DAMN RECIPE. I substituted cake mix with sponge cake mix, chocolate buttons with couverture chocolate (i loooove  couverture chocolate). So hah. Okay, when I get my new place, I will bake them again. 

And I was thinking of cheating by using a mini muffin tray, so maybe I will do so the next time. *inno* 

Donald and I had quite decent weekends for the past two weeks. My birthday celebrations sorta stretched into 2 weeks. *grin* nothing fancy, just eating alot. On the morning of the actual day, we slept in, then headed out for my favourite porridge buffet at Suntec Centre, then went for a walk in the Food and Travel expo. We went out smelling fresh, and out smelling like we had been barbecuing for hours. GAHH. Went to check out movie timings at GV Marina so that we could use my voucher to catch Clash of the Titans, but apparently it was too new so we watch any. But we did go for a massage! The foot reflexology was awesome as usual, but the rest of it was abit…bleh. 

Tuesday was spent with a small group of friends from church, and we went out for desserts at Benten Cafe at Iluma, Bugis for that legendary bucket of ice cream. We went crazy with photographs with it came out obviously. hehe. I mean, look how big it is! It took 7 of us to finish all of it, and sitting outside, were 3 skinny girls who finished it all by themselves. -_-” Eh, we were eating in moderation. Too old to finish so much ice cream between 3 people liao. hahaha. 

Joyce, Icecream & Ron

 Oh, the highlight of the week? Scoring Jay Chou concert tickets!! The online purchase was insane! All tickets were sold out within 2 hours. We managed to get our 5 tickets all sitting together. We only found out that heaps of people weren’t able to get seats together and had to resort to buying single seats just so they could attend the concert. Donald was just saying that we were lucky to have been able to get the tickets, let alone sit together. I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT!! hehe. 

Following Saturday was our 6th month SG-wedding anniversary AND our 5th year dating anniversary. *beams* Very happy to have reached the 5 year mark leh. Granted we are not really dating liao, and should just concentrate on celebrating wedding years. haha. Well, if getting together wasn’t that interesting, I wouldn’t be that bothered by it. =P We used another of my birthday vouchers and went to 2am:dessertbar at Holland Village for dessert after a dinner of laksa. 

The lounge chairs were so comfy!! The right position for watching a movie at home. I actually went to ask the waitress who did the chairs. hahaha. Donald and I reckoned that the chairs for two would probably cost more than $2k if we were even remotely interested in getting them done. (I am more than remotely interested, but Donald will probably kill me..) The desserts were good, very chocolatey, and the vinegar chocolate wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Our sorbets were awesome though, and they were all handmade. I peeped over the bar counter and saw them handmaking all the chocholate! The 2 pieces of marshmallows that I received were lavendar marshmallows. It was sweet, and a little like eating potpourri. Otherwise, it was good. =P 

This weekend, we are chilling in, finishing some overdue work, before going out to play tomorrow. Speaking of which, I’ve procrastinated enough (I even put photos in my entry! =P) Time to get back to work. =D

foodie weekend

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the two-day food binge started on Friday, after we got the fiance’s niece settled down at her university dorm. It wasn’t as though she’d never been in Perth before. haha it was just an excuse for us to get out and eat and places that we haven’t been to before! =P definitely helped that we had the Entertainment book and got a good discount out of those meals.

so anyways, the fiance’s niece is here in Perth for a year to study. and will be attending the wedding, so yay! More family at the wedding is always good =) Got the main stuff sorted out, and it was off to our place to figure out what was for dinner. We headed off to Bada Bing in Woodlands after some random selecting. haha. I’d been there before for a little farewell luncheon. I thought the food was good (not great), but the awesome Toblerone cheesecake is a different story. I had tried the Fish of the Day then, and didn’t think too much of it, though Renata’s fish dish (can’t remember what it was) looked tastier. Tried Jess’ seafood risotto and that was very good, none of that fishy/seafoody stench. Thought the boss’ pumpkin risotto tasted like cardboard though. haha.

We ordered a nice tasting platter, a seafood risotto (me), a lamb shanks risotto (Jolene), a scotch fillet (the fiance) and of course a Toblerone cheesecake (last two slices left too!).

Jolene & the tasting platter
Jolene & the tasting platter


you’d know that Donald has watched one too many episodes of MasterChef Australia when he starts attempting to talk like one of the judges and comment on the food. -_- ” the 25% discount made it worthwhile for the 3 of us. the two females in the party couldn’t finish their risotto, as good as they were =P I guess I’ll be having a fancy lunch today. heh.

next morning, all of us went out for yum-cha for brunch. mmM. I, of course, had to recommend the bestest tao huey in Perth (although it’s made out of a powdered mix..) haha. now that I’m psuedo back on a 5-day week, we’ll just have to get our yum-cha fix on another day (queueing with the rest of Perth I guess..sigh). Went shopping at Garden City for some groceries, and Jolene was looking for some boots. Well, the MYER stocktake sale was still on! She grabbed a pair of boots for a really good price, with a 60% discount?? She was initially reluctant about getting it cos it was gonna cost her $140 after a huge discount. It looked so good on her that I was willing to sponsor that $40 just so she could get the boots. haha. Turned out that there was a further 25%, so it was very close to her budget! Yay for discounts!  Sigh. I need shoes..and that hot pink Guess handbag. haha.

dinner was Japanese food at Hayashi Japanese Restaurant. We don’t spend alot of time eating at the south of the river (SOR), so we thought now that Jolene’s living SOR, we might as well try some food there. Verdict was the sashimi was very good, the mixed sushi platter was good, the soft-shelled crab tempura was great (great that they even served it but I’ve eaten better ones..), the mixed tempura was like any other, and the yaki udon tasted like beef hor fun except that the beef was cooked WAY much better. IMO..the sushi platter could have had a better mix of cooked and raw ingredients. Donald & I sorta exchanged a look when there were only two pieces of sushi in the platter that had cooked ingredients. Aku don’t eat raw fish lah. Well, okay, I tried the uramaki with some pieces of raw salmon innit. Had to be very distracted to ignore the fact that I’m eating raw fish..gah. Thankfully the roasted sesame seeds overpowered the taste (I don’t care but raw fish has a taste!! it’s not tasteless!)

Didn’t leave the restaurant feeling very full though. We could probably eat more (but that would be overeating), but you know, the ‘not-really-satisfied’ feeling? meh, ah wells. Probably won’t be returning anytime soon..well, not at that price.

Gonna have a quiet day today. I think. There’s probably gonna be abit of a debate on which photos to pick! How to narrow down 15 photos out of over 300 photos?!


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guess who came to visit today!

Fogey #1 – Nick


Nick left the company a week ago. =( He’s my tea and morning chat buddy. I was plesantly surprised when he popped by today. I basically went, ‘aaahh Nick!! I missed you!’ haha.

Nick’s response?

‘No, you don’t. You didn’t text me, you didn’t email me, you didn’t call me. You don’t really miss me at all’.

hahah. He is such a sook. My mornings are kept busy now, cos Nick’s not around to distract me. =P I fed him some cake from Morgan’s farewell, and he went off on his way. Speaking of which, here’s a picture of the cake, bought on my recommendation (haha, of course I want to take credit for it!).

Awesome chocolatey goodness


the fiance and I had tried this cake when we popped into the shop to have a chat with them about wedding cakes. Ruby’s Patisserie was recommended to us by the winery we are holding our reception at. They were so busy that they could only meet us on Valentine’s Day. We came across another cake guy earlier and we went ahead with that (yes yes, impatient bride-to-be =P). We did buy some mini cakes off them, and this triple chocolate cake was one of them. I had a small slice today, and I felt so sick from the sugar and chocolate..ugggh. The mousse was awesome though. I could have heaps of that. =P nyum nyum.

okay, ’nuff drooling. I gotta get back to writing more reasons! haha

Henry @ work: a backfill of 2 mths! shows how much you really love your hubby-to-be eh? hahaha

ahhh shaddup. =P

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